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Full Version: Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds
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Download Demo Version 2.0.2

From the makers of Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages...
[Image: 2lsa882.jpg]

Quick Game Info:
-RPG Genre
-Made in RPG Maker XP
-Heavily edited Tankentai XP battle system

Confirmed Features

-Action Commands (Timed Hits)
-Timed Defense (Like Paper Mario)
-Full, Paper Mario style badges (All skills learned from badges)
-Mouse Support in battled and in field
-Mario, Luigi, and Bowser playable
-No more "changing suits" but you can learn suit skills from badges
(Example: Mario turns into "Fire Mario" to do his "Fireball" attack he learned from a badge he equipped as seen in the video.)
-5 types of badges (Party, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, and Ally)
-Control Bowser/Kammy on main field at certain points of the game
-New, mouse-based first strike system

Battle Video


[Image: 2mww4s2.jpg]
[Image: 73pkw6.jpg]
[Image: 1zdnfp5.jpg]
[spoiler][Image: maih75.jpg]
[Image: 118lqtt.jpg]
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