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Full Version: Bowser's Last Stand
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Bowser faces a confusing predicament when a group of Toads breaks into his castle and declares the Koopa Kingdom theirs. Help Bowser figure out what's going on and take his kingdom back.

The regular game is designed to be difficult, but not too difficult. You will learn of a challenge mode once you beat the game, and Survival mode is a harder version of the main levels.

Also, for a surprise, type "NCFC" in the title screen. Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers.

DJ Yoshiman

So I was looking through the booths, saw this and the graphics, and to be honest, my first impression was "oh, some one took the SMB Hello Engine and put Bowser in it. That could be... interesting."

I was dead wrong.

This game is actually pretty fun, and polished quite well. The levels were long enough, but thankfully not too long to the point where it becomes mundane. There's some quirky humour, some Bowser lore, and solid gameplay. I really enjoyed playing this, and when I lost a life, I didn't immediately close the window.

I definitely recommend people play this one.

I would say an improvement would be to add more interesting quirks to the levels.
Jesus, why does everyone assume that it's Hello Engine because it uses Super Mario Bros all-stars graphics?

Anyway, thanks for the comments! :)
(11-12-2012 06:29 PM)onpon4 Wrote: [ -> ]Jesus, why does everyone assume that it's Hello Engine because it uses Super Mario Bros all-stars graphics?
maybe becos most games that use the hello engine use smas graphics?
That's just silly. :) Take a look at the same reasoning applied to other things:

Most monitors are lit. Therefore, most lit things are monitors.
Most NESes break. Therefore, most things that break are NESes.
Most analog clocks are circular. Therefore, most circular things are analog clocks.
Most trees are living things. Therefore, most living things are trees.
Most planets are rocky. Therefore, most rocky things are planets.
Most stars are bright. Therefore, most bright things are stars.
Most candy is edible. Therefore, most edible things are candy.
Most goombas are squishy. Therefore, most squishy things are goobas.
Most koopas have eyes. Therefore, most things with eyes are koopas.

I'll leave you alone now. ;)
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