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Full Version: Metroid Revival/Metroid Dread Booth
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This year is the Revival Saga's first showing at NCFC, with our showcase piece being the Dread Engine, one of two engines involved in the series, the other being the in-progress Kousoru Engine. We at Revival have been around for just a little over a year now, and have gotten an amount of support that I am amazed about. In little over a year our forum gathered almost 3000 posts, even with only 70-odd members. I especially want to thank Kousoru and AlexR for allowing us to use their engines for such a large-scale effort. I also want to thank all my dedicated Admins and Mods, for the time they have put into keeping our forums clean and operating well. As the projects founder, it brings me great joy to introduce the Revival Saga to the fangame community at large, and we hope you enjoy our first showing. Feel free to discuss the project here, or at the Revival Forums, at http://metroidrevival.freeforums.ORG. Have a good day!

DJ Yoshiman

I like this engine. Lots of shine to it, lots of sparkle, and feels good to play. You've got a great promise here. The only issue is that some of the font (especially the numbers in the HUD) was difficult to read in full screen. Perhaps this could have been because I use a 1080p TV for my computer, but even so, it'd be nice to have it look better so I even know how many missiles I've used.

But everything else looks promising! Good luck to you!
I did not make this engine myself, but I will be sure to tell the creator. I'm the project manager/leader. I said it in the booth, but the engines base was made by AlexR, with heavy edits by Kaizaran.
A lot of this kind of seems messy, as if the developer is not at the right skill level to use the engine. Also, a lot of things appear to be directly taken from AM2R (walking sound effect, misc effects, item banner/sound effect, etc.) Something about it just seems really odd. It may just be me, or maybe I'm ignorant to something...
We took nothing from the AM2R engine, Ronny, I can promise you that.
I'm not accusing you of theft, I just wanted to point out:
-The engine is uncomfortably similar to AM2R, but they're both based on the GBA Metroid games, so it is very likely a coincidence.
-The developer does not seem to really "polish" their work, which seems odd as the engine itself is very smooth and polished.
I mean, it is in it's early stages, so I could just be pointing out things that are not complete. I do want to say though:
-The font in the HUD under the amount of missiles, super missiles, and power bombs looks like a mess. I can barely read it and it is overlapping the icons, it doesn't look right.
-A lot of the items do not match the graphics of every thing else.
-While the particles look great, it looks like the developer is slightly overusing them. This may only be me though.
-Some of the suits have too deep a contrast in colors compared to the normal suit. It doesn't look very neat.
Again, I do realize this is in its early stages, so all I said could be improved, or they could be proven useful later. I see alot of potential in this project.

O u! :P But anything I have to say to you has already been said at the NCFC topic on Revival. And stop giving so much credit to AlexR, I want it all! Devil But in all honesty, aside from jumping, walking, PowerGrip, aiming and shooting, I did most of this stuff. And how in the heck do you get away with posting my demo but not mentioning me in the topic, but mentioning AlexR, who didn't do much on this, Kousoru, who did nothing on this, and the admods, who did nothing on this, aside from myself who is a mod. You're a terrible person :P

@DJ Yoshiman
Don't worry, your 1080p TV isn't broken. The hud sprites we were using for the demo were unpolished and I didn't have time to add the new ones. You can check out the new Energy sprites in the screenshots that showcase the new beam sprites, the ship, the tutorial area and the subscreen on the booth.

Hey, it's the Comical Father Hunt guy! I really like your work so far on your game. But back to your post. Like I said to DJ Yoshiman, the engine used in the demo is unpolished and we really didn't have the time to use the newer engine I whipped up these past few weeks. I won't lie; AM2R was inspirational, but I didn't take anything from it. Also the sprites used are mostly MZM so that may be why you recognize things like that. The particle effects were only to mask the MZM sprites, but now that we're using a few of Rundas45's sprites, I removed most of them. This is especially noticeable in the Screw Attack.
The item sprites were not done at the time and I had to improvise on many of them, like that 3D rip and paintover of the E-Tank. They look much better now and I can guarantee that the next demo will leave you wanting to play the full game ASAP. Same thing with the room itself; I had the idea of joining NCFC a mere hour before it started and I didn't want to risk not making it and having to wait another year. Again, in the next demo and full game, it'll be a work of art that will leave you wanting the whole thing and the two sequels that will come with it, and the rest of the saga. Dread is going to be 110% fanservice, eyecandy and everything that we Metroid lovers have always wanted from Nintendo. It'll have a story, knit with care into the canon series, but you won't need that story to enjoy the game.

I wasn't going to reveal this, but here's a screenshot of the newest HUD as well as the Screw Attack and the Landing Site. The screw attack looks weird, but believe me when I say that when you throw in the flashing colors, the corkscrew spinning, and the particle effects, it's a work of art. I simply had it enlarge the current sprite, modify the colors and transparency, and add a mask which is used as a hitbox.
I know that the Power Bomb and Super Missiles look strange here; this signifies that they are unarmed. The 'wings' of the Missiles and the bomb part of the Power Bomb appear when they are armed, or selected. This may be changed based on feedback I get.
The Suit colors are an issue that AlexR coded and I'm frankly not sure how to fix. When a Suit is acquired, the game actually changes the palettes that the suit uses, and it only changes the base color, not the yellow parts. When the Kousoru engine is released, I'm going to plagerize--erm, use the code he uses for his Power Suit. We're all working together on this project, so it's not a problem AFAIK to use it. But on the bright side, one of our members is working on MZM-style fusion suit which I can use later on.

The final engine that is set to be the ultimate merge of Dread and Kousoru engines is going to moddable; I unfortunately will not allow mods not included with the game files. You can have; MZM Mod, Fusion Mod, Echoes Mod, Corruption Mod, Coven Mod, Revival Mod, Wasteland Mod, Chimaera Mod, Classic Mod, Ceres Mod and Eternal Mod. Revival, Wasteland, Ceres, Chimaera and Eternal are the other games we're working on.

As a final note, our game series needs some help to prosper, so please head over to Revival forums and chip in if you'd like. We hope to one day see the release of the full series: Ceres, Chimaera, Dread, Revival, Wasteland, Eternal, Dread 2: Fission and Dread 3: Ultimatum. Once all or most of this is done, my side project Pactroid Revival, the Prime Pinball of the series, and the final project Revival Saga, the Trilogy (or Octology) of the series will be released and we hope all of our hard-working members will go down in fangame history. Now's your chance to join the revolution!
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