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Full Version: What is This Thing? Episode 3
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DJ Yoshiman

[Image: logocrap.gif]

So since there's just information and no download for this at NCFC this year, I want to make this Booth Discussion for perhaps people to ask questions so I can answer them, if they want to know more than what's provided in the booth.

Here, let me answer some questions I think people have already.

-FAQ Except the questions aren't frequently asked-

There seems to be a lot shown. Why is there not even a one level demo?
I haven't done demos for the 2 previous games, and will not do so for this game. I already made it a surprise showing a lot of content of this game, but I leave the actual download of the game for when it is finished.

What IS this thing?!
If you're asking that, you probably haven't played Episode 1 and 2. Here, let me provide you links.

If you have and you're still asking, hopefully this episode will finally answer that question.

I've been on the internet for five minutes, so I don't know what that song on the trailer is. What is it?
Requiem for a Dream. Or Requiem for a Tower. Sheet music says dream, common folk say tower, so choose your pick.

Okay, I can't make up any more questions so here you are.

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