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Full Version: Metroid: Father Hunt
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A game I canned nearly a year ago is back, and making better progress than ever. While I couldn't get a demo of the game itself, I was able to get a (very) short tech demo ready for the event.
For more info on the project itself, check out the booth. ^^,
I gotta say, for a tech demo that's competing with my and DrevanZero's Metroid Dread demo, this was very impressive. I've been playing around with this for the past few hours and I found a glitch.
When I was in the room with the second E-Tank, I got stuck in the wall when I touched it. I attempted to recreate the glitch to take a snapshot, but it didn't work. May have been a fluke.

So where in the big picture would this one take place? Before Metroid II, before Prime but after 1..?
IIRC, it has no point in the timeline, Kai.
It has the simplest of stories. It could fit anywhere after the first game.
Thanks for the compliment, Kai ^^,
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