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Full Version: Legend of Zelda: Magic Keys
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The Legend of Zelda: Magic Keys is a Zelda fangame being developed by me using a program called Zelda Classic 2.5. Magic Keys will give classic style Zelda a new more logical feel. Zelda: Magic Keys will bring you that good old classic style Zelda at new level.


[Image: zelda006.png]

[Image: zelda014.png]

[Image: zelda018.png]

For more info check out my booth here:

Edit: I'm confirming that Magic Keys is unfortunately canceled. I worked hard on a new trailer for it and posted it on youtube but unfortunately youtube had to be a bunch of jerks and wouldn't let me use the music I used for my trailer without it being labeled matched third party content which is a big no no to have on youtube in my opinion.

Edit#2: Magic Keys will return, however it will take more time finish development. So for now, I have it on hold. Plus, I'd like to confirm that when Magic Key does return, it will have the new name "Key of Light". For now, while the wait for the re-named "Key of Light" continues, I have a 'new' Zelda fan game in that will hopefully not take as long to make. I won't spoil anything yet, but I promise I'll will reveal this 'new' Zelda fan game when I am ready to show something of it. For now, please stay tuned.
:( You didn't have to cancel the whole release over a Youtube dispute.
(11-16-2012 09:33 PM)KiddoCabbusses Wrote: [ -> ]:( You didn't have to cancel the whole release over a Youtube dispute.

Yeah, I know was gonna un-cancel it and bring it back and try again after a little while when I calmed down from the panic moment I was having when dealing with youtube their dumb overly exaggerated copyright policy. However after sometime of thought, I decided it was best to keep it canceled or at least on hold for now because I have other projects that are more important to me than Magic Keys that I really want to work more on, like an original concept of mine that I came up with back in 2010 called "The Knights of Courage" which is RPG game that I've been working on using RPG Maker XP since. Maybe I'll try again next year with Magic Keys, right now I need break and some time to think things through of what do with it. Sorry if I worried anyone.
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