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Full Version: Mario Minigame Party
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This is the discussion for the MMP booth.

Screenshots and download and all that jazz is all in the NCFC booth. Everything you need to know is in the game's demo download as well.

Have fun and tel me what ya think!

P.s.: sorry for the lack of direct content in this thread, I'm using a mobile phone so I can't do any complex or flexible typing. not nearly as much as I could on my computer that died out on me.
Your download link is broken.
The download isn't working :(
Goodness, I am terribly sorry Sirs, I dont' know. What I was thinking wheni made the booth.

The download link should be fixed now, mediafire instead of dropbox.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.
Ok thanks for warning: Now I'll try again.
Np! ^^

ralize though that the demo here is the exact same as the one in the mfgg forums thread.
WiiBoy, on the next version. Try to make Windows 8 friendly. Here's the code to prevent more than 3 sounds overlapping which cause any Game Maker games crash on Windows 8:

script name: sound_ps(snd)


Now replace all sound_play to sound_ps will do the work. ;)
I'm actually likely going to be upgrading to fmod so I'm not sure how to fix that with fmod. :/
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