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Full Version: Bowser's Last Stand (Updated from 2011) - 3.7 Stars
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A playthrough I have done of "Bowser's Last Stand" is on the NCFC Livestream. Be sure to look it up!

Last year, I gave this game a review before; That review is in the ncfc2011 archives.
This year, we have the full version of the game available to play.

In terms of what I liked vs. what I don't know, much of it's the same, both pros and cons, so here's the new pros (Relative to last year):

1) A complete game!
2) More levels!
3) A couple of twists on the SMB1 formula.
4) A interesting, light plot.

And a few new cons:
1) "Megabowser" bosses, in the end, aren't that much more than "tougher/faster/spamming more allies" variants, without a true spin on them.
2) The "Secret" level lags like heck on my computer to the point where I can't really be bothered to play it.

Otherwise, my opinion of the game is generally unchanged.
Hm... you know what? I just realized that you were running the game in windowed mode. I don't think hardware surfaces are used in windowed mode (i.e. maybe W666 is faster in fullscreen).

Oh, well. It kind of sucks that you don't like it any better than last year. :(
To be fair, generally a sweeping change is something that could change the rating of the game.

Bowser's Last Stand didn't really change much from last year, besides being a complete game now. ^^;
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