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Full Version: Livestream Thread
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Let's get this in here. NCFC 2014 streams!

I'll be streaming from 6:30-9 PM EST, come join the party! It'll be at


Day 1
Bingo the Multiva (Kiddo, Pyro, Plom)
Super UDK&RU Country (Kiddo)
Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos (Pyro)
Target Strikers: Deadly Dart (Pyro)
Midas Machine (Pyro)
Blooper's Revenge DX (Pyro)
Mega Man X Virus (Pyro)
Spark the Electric Jester (Pyro)
Dairanto!! Mario Bros. DDX (Pyro)
Super Mario Dynamo (Pyro)
Sorry for the double post, but I'm just posting saying I'm live now.
Folks, may I make a request? There are several specific Livestream logs which I am having issue "pushing" to YouTube from Hitbox. If anyone can find a way to rip these or give me another solution, I will appreciate it. Of these, right now the longest (and likely most important) logs are these:
One thing you could try is to stream the m3u8 files with VLC, which has a feature to save files it streams. These are the links to those logs you mentioned:

I found the links by identifying as an iPhone (with the User Agent Switcher extension) and using UnPlug to grab them.
Where's the log for worlds 3-5 of Abducted Toad? I can't find it.
Reference URL's