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EarthBound 3 - 4 stars - rcmero - 10-25-2011 07:48 AM

General commentary/overview: The EarthBound series has always been one of my favorites. Once the third game in the series ended in such a way (sorry, no spoilers), we really needed another game to finish. However, series creator Shigesato Itoi mentioned that he would not be making another MOTHER game, but he would happy to play one.
That's where this game comes in. Once Itoi said these words, people started eagerly creating their own fan-made MOTHER sequel. This is one of them.
Pros: I really enjoyed the trowbacks to the other MOTHER games (Son felt feverish! ... But it quickly went away.)
Cons: Well for starters (not too serious), the game took a bit of time to download. This kind of damages the score a little bit. Fang's Sniff ability does not work as expected too. The save feature does not work either.
Gameplay - Gameplay is nearly idential to gameplay in EarthBound, which I thought was a bonus.
Graphics - The graphics look just like they oul have come out of MOTHER 3. The battle system also resembles MOTHER 3's.
Sound - Since I do not have my headphones at this moment, I canot judge this game by the sound. Sorry.
Replay - Since this is a demo there is not much replayability, however, I am expecting a lot of it, including some hidden goodies (I actually needed to use a walkthrough to get the Shield Snatcher in MOTHER 3) and easter eggs (like the sign in Fourside relating to MOTHER 3 - or EarthBound 2, as it was in the game)
Final words - If Itoi would play this game, he would be proud. This is some awesome stuff right here. However, this still needs some fixing up to be perfect.
Final Score - StarStarStarStar

RE: EarthBound 3 - 4 stars - thefallenalchemist - 10-26-2011 01:33 PM

Fullscreening the game made everything dreadfully small. Try it yourself. This was a complete game killer for me.

RE: EarthBound 3 - 4 stars - rcmero - 10-27-2011 05:06 AM

Really? Because I think fullscreen was not so bad.