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Psycho Waluigi - 5 Stars - Superdimentiobros - 10-27-2011 04:34 PM

General commentary/overview: After being hit on the head, Waluigi finds himself in a strange land called "Unconcia." He also meets a strange being who gives him psychic powers, which he then uses to take over Unconcia.
This is the story of Psycho Waluigi.
-Original gameplay
-Original story
-Good difficulty
-Great music
-Good sense of humour
-Pretty good graphics
-Good level design
-A little bit of inconsistant difficulty with the bosses
Gameplay - 5 stars
In this game, you control the pychic aura with the up and down arrow keys, and you can pick up stuff in the aura by pressing Control. You can then throw the thing you're holding or use its power by pressing Control again. This works really well, and doesn't take too long to get used to. The level design is also great, and the levels aren't too long or too short or too hard or too easy. Also, the bosses are very well-programmed; however, the difficulty of the bosses is a little bit inconsistant. I found the second boss much harder than the third one. However, this isn't a very big problem. Overall, the gameplay was very good.
Graphics - 5 stars
The graphics are very good. It appears that a lot of the graphics are either from MFGG or edited from MFGG sprites, and I like that. There are a lot of completely custom sprites as well, and those were very well-done. Overall, the graphics were almost perfect.
Sound - 5 stars
The music was wonderful, and did a great job fitting the feel of the game. DJ Yoshiman is listed in the credits for music, and it shows in the greatness of the music. No overused SMAS midis here! You'll hear remixes of Mario Kart DS and Wario World music, as well as some completely custom songs. Incredibly, this game was able to make a song fit where you'd never expect it to— A remix of the Song of Storms from Zelda plays when you're driving a tank. And it works. The sound effects were very good, too.
Replay - 5 stars
This is very long for a fangame. It took me several days to beat it, and apparently there's still a boss rush and other "World 0" levels to unlock and beat. Because of this, I give the replay 5 stars.
Final words
This is a wonderful fangame that I think everyone who likes Mario games should play. It definitely tops Toad Strikes Back, and it's right up there with Midas Machine as one of my two favourite fangames.
Final Score: 5 Stars.

RE: Psycho Waluigi - 5 Stars - Thunder Dragon - 10-28-2011 09:36 AM

Thanks for the review! I noticed some folks having trouble with World 2's boss... which is odd, considering it was included in the last demo, only to be made considerably easier in the final game. Also, it's Song of Storms, not Saria's Song. But I'd LOVE to hear a "tank remix" of Saria's Song, if that is even possible. ;)

RE: Psycho Waluigi - 5 Stars - Superdimentiobros - 10-28-2011 07:07 PM

(10-28-2011 09:36 AM)Thunder Dragon Wrote:  Also, it's Song of Storms, not Saria's Song.

Oh, oops, sorry about that.
I'll fix it.