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Puzzle League - Art Style - - MarcelOliveira - 12-23-2013 02:55 AM

Hello There! Today I'd like to present you guys my fan game project. This is a Puzzle League (Panel de Pon) fan game that blends the original series game play with a new game mode and the art directions of "Art Style" series. Its a project I've been working over years and it has been remade from scratch several times. The game is currently in alpha version but I'm really committed on finishing this very soon.

The game implements the basic Puzzle League mechanics of swapping neighbor horizontal blocks to form combos of three or more blocks in a vertical/horizontal row and disposing them to trigger chains. This game also includes an "invert" mode which implements the rules of the original game as they were turned inside out. This gives the player a different experience that helps to distinguish between the two game modes

This game is focused on the concept of opposition. The game is being carefully designed so that the player can feel the contrasts between the two game modes. I believe that this adds an interesting twist in the game play, specially when you get very used to one game style and have to play the other. The game graphic design is also thought to plot this "opposition": The two game modes have strong color differences, like black/white background or the blocks colors. This is pushed even further to the GUI level (despite of not being shown in the screenshot): the disposition of the GUI elements are inverted so that the player can instantly feel that it is playing different (and opposite) game mode.

When it comes to the sound, as for most of puzzle games, I believe that electronic/experimental tunes are a very suitable style. For that reason, the musics in the game are predominately Japanese "electro-dance". The sound effects also must harmonize with the music, so that they are being carefully selected. Both music/sound FX will be presented in a future trailer.

This game is being developed with Unity 4.3 and the screen shot refers to my first week of work. I hope you like it!

RE: Puzzle League - Art Style - - shawn2323 - 04-04-2017 08:47 AM

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