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Submission Guidelines
Kesha Offline
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Submission Guidelines
I promise registration is coming soon- not only have we changed the forum software, but we have a whole new backend in the works for the site this year so the wait will be worth it!

But, to get you all prepared, here are the submission guidelines for booths:
  • Booths and games must be related to Nintendo in some way. Either it can be based off of one of Nintendo's first party intellectual properties, or a game series that has appeared exclusively on a Nintendo console at one point. Examples would be something like a Mario or Castlevania fangame, and something we wouldn't accept would be something like a Call of Duty fan game.
  • Booths and games must not contain adult content (nudity, etc.)
  • Booths must not contain illegal content such as commercial ROMs or commercial PC games without the distributor's permission. Game mods and rom patches are OK.
  • Booths and games should be optimized as much as they can. If you are using huge WAV files for music, or resized a whole bunch of pictures to include, you need to change that.
  • File formats for game downloads should be ZIP, RAR, or 7Z. These are compressed folders, if you need a program to compress your game or decompress these files, try 7-zip.
  • File should be virus-checked and not contain any adware/malware.

Highly recommended that games be very creative or do something unexpected with what they're based on, but since this is a pretty subjective requirement, it's just a recommendation. Winking

WORKSHOPS ARE IMPORTANT TOO, we didn't get many submissions last year so here's what a workshop entails:
DJ Yoshiman Wrote:In terms of workshops, we're looking for ideal individuals with extensive knowledge of their topic, to share and teach others these concepts. Whatever medium is necessary, as long as it is accessible by attendees, and you are comfortable using it.

Any other questions, be sure to post them here! I may have missed something important, so if I did, be sure to bring it to my attention.
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10-02-2011 10:22 AM
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