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This Year's Writing Contest!
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RE: This Year's Writing Contest!

#Robin left, eyes closed

Robin: ...And again, I find myself afield... With no memory of how I came to be here.

#Mario appears right

Mario (shocked): Mama mia! This is no place to nap! The melee will begin any minute now!

Robin: ...

#Robin opens his eyes

Robin: You have no idea how often I hear that. Where are we this time?

Mario: This is Battlefield. I will be your opponent.

Robin: I see that. Is there any chance I can dissuade you?

Mario: Huh?

Robin: Must we fight? What is there to gain from it?

Mario: This is Smash Brothers! If not to fight, then why are we here?

Robin (squinting): A question I would see answered in due course...


#Robin left, Mario right

Robin: The Master Hand has gathered us here... The greatest heroes of a dozen worlds. But to what purpose?

Mario: To brawl! To test mettle against mettle, and find which of us is the strongest!

Robin: I don't believe that. There must be some greater purpose. To arrange all of this for a mere spectacle... it defies reason.

Mario (squinting): ...But...

Mario (determined): I don't know the reason... And I couldn't puzzle it out if I tried. All I can do is fight with all my strength and hope that victory takes me home again.

Robin (smiling): You remind me of someone... A ghost I once knew, by the name of Roy. He was similarly dispositioned.

Mario: I met a Roy, during the second Smash. We had a lot in common.

Robin: Then... Perhaps there is an Outworld gate here, after all...

Mario (puzzled): A what?

Robin: I think I am beginning to make sense of this. And I think I am beginning to understand the purpose of it all...

Mario: Oh? Please, share.

Robin: I would not lead you falsely. For now, let us play the game.

Mario (sad): ...

Robin: Come, do not let your doubts show. A leader must be an idol of courage, a symbol of hope for his followers.

Mario: But I am no leader...

Robin (smiling): You know better than that.


#Robin left, Mario right

Mario: Maybe it has something to do with the stages, and how we're restricted to them... Do you think we're being trapped here, so we can't stop it from doing something elsewhere?

Robin: I think it is more than that. I think that the Master Hand is harvesting our energy...

Mario: But why? Why would it need such power?

Robin: I can only shudder at the thought. I have met some fell villains, of that I can be sure...

Mario (sad): I, too...

Robin: But to organise such an event... to draw together so many bold heroes... I cannot envision what they must have planned.

Mario (determined): Whatever it is, we can't let it happen unopposed. We have to work together, and achieve victory as a team!

Robin: I don't think that is possible. Even now, your words twist and transform in my mind... We are to be set as enemies for as long as we are in this realm.

Mario (determined): No! We must be able to fight it!

Robin: Perhaps you can... But I cannot. I have reached the limits of my mental fortitude...

Mario (shocked): No!

Robin (eyes closed): You must overcome me once more. And then, perhaps, you can overcome our ultimate foe.

Mario (shocked): Robin!

Robin (angry): Enough!

Mario (sad): ...Then it's settled.

Mario: May the best man win.

idk lol
11-04-2014 11:16 PM
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