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Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6
Gumstone1080 Offline

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RE: Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6
So from viewing the video, I see the bugs he is talking about, I am not sure if the fixed exe or the pervious exe that was in use.

The spinning glitch happens if you take a deadly blow (being hit a critically low hp) that is taken when your about to die, during a spin attack. So I'll take care of that.
Rovol in the cave has a check variable to see if all enemies are clear in the room, that error will be looked at too.

Also for those having a hard time seeing, F4 should make the game full-screen, didn't think the night time phases were that dark lol.

Malus/Broga can only be skipped if:
A: You avoid talking to the blue haired kid
B: Tell the guard you didn't see anything

These choices will just bring about the bad ending.

If any other bug is present, please let me know.


I noticed it was the bugged .exe being streamed, that one .exe is bugged, there is a seperate link for the fixed .exe, the main download is just to get the soundfiles and readme download.
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10-03-2016 10:43 PM
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