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E.S.O.F.A. Quality Check System
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E.S.O.F.A. Quality Check System
E.S.O.F.A. 3-Point Grading System for Sprite Sheets
(Every Sprite is One Frame of Animation)


"1. The Entirety Factor: Complete or Incomplete?"
A Sprite Sheet must have every known Sprite from the Game's Subject Character to be considered Complete.
If another Member, who has played the game that the sprites come from, can confirm that the Sheet is missing some Sprites, then the Sheet is considered Incomplete.
If a Spriter declares his/her Sprite Sheet as a Work-in-Progress, then it is considered Incomplete.
If a Spriter lies about his/her Sprite Sheet as being complete when it is actually incomplete, it is Shameful Perjury.


"2. The Sprite Arrangement & Cataloging Factor"
This Primary Grading Factor depends on how well and efficiently the Sprites were Arranged and Cataloged.

Sheet Grade: A (Exceptional Quality)
The Contributor has cataloged and arranged the Sprite Sheet in a proficient manner that minimizes Blank Space and Bandwidth Use.

Sheet Grade: B (Satisfactory)
The Contributor has cataloged and arranged the Sprite Sheet in an almost perfect manner.
Although there are a few noticeable wrinkles with it that could be ironed out.

Sheet Grade: C (Mediocre)
The Contributor has only put in a partial effort to arrange the Sprites and has made a sheet that is ineligible for uploading.

Sheet Grade: D (Unusable & Unacceptable)
The Contributor has inexcusably failed to arrange and catalog the Sprites efficiently and has created a garbage-quality Sheet.


"3. The Bandwidth Coefficient Factor: Plus or Minus?"
This Secondary Grading Factor depends on how much Blank Space a Sprite Sheet has.
Excessive Amounts of Blank Space can waste precious Site Bandwidth and Hard Drive Space so it is always preferable that you try to keep Blank Space on your Sheets at a Minimum.
When done properly, "Scrunching" can net you Bonus Points in conservative terms and raise your Coefficient Grade.

Coefficient Grade: ++ (Efficient) (Constitutional Ratio of Blank Space is less than 15%)
This Sheet has very little to no Blank Space and is as compact and space-saving as it can be.

Coefficient Grade: + (Barely Efficient) (Constitutional Ratio of Blank Space is between 15% to 30%)
This Sheet is partially eligible for uploading due to the significantly noticeable "Blank Space-to-Sprite" Ratio.

Coefficient Grade: - (Inefficient) (Constitutional Ratio of Blank Space is between 30% to 50%)
The Spriter has only put in a partial effort to arrange the Sprites and has made a sheet that is ineligible for uploading.

Coefficient Grade: -- (Wasteful) (Constitutional Ratio of Blank Space is more than 50%)
This Sheet has an unacceptably high "Blank Space-to-Sprite" Ratio.


Other Technicalities to consider

Exemplary Consideration: "Pre-Assembled VS Some Assembly Required"
The Difference between a Sprite Sheet and a Piece Sheet is this:
Sprite Sheets are ready to use right off the bat while Piece Sheets require a little bit of understanding and assembly.
Most Animators would rather use a convenient Pre-Assembled Sprite Sheet instead of a Do-It-Yourself Piece Sheet.
For that case, one should consider compiling a Sprite Sheet that has a Pre-Assembled Section and a Do-It-Yourself Section.
The Pre-Assembled Section can be used by Everyone while the Do-It-Yourself Section is reserved for Expert Animators.

"Backgrounds & Texture Sheets"
1. Are EXEMPT from the Arrangement & Cataloging Grading Factor since they are NOT Sprite Sheets.
2. Are NOT exempt from the Bandwidth Coefficient Grading Factor.
3A. With the special case of Pokémon Battle Revolution, Texture Sheets are NOT Exempt from the Completion Grading Factor.
3B. Technical Information pertaining to a Background's Application for the "Wraparound Effect" must be included.
Horizontal (X-Axis) Wraparound: YES/NO
Vertical (Y-Axis) Wraparound: YES/NO

"Spartan Signatures"
1. Tacky, Exorbitant Signatures are a Useless and Highly Discouraged Embellishment. Just Use Plain, Size-12 Text instead.
2. If you really need an Exorbitant Sig to identify your work, make sure it is placed and arranged on the sheet in a manner that is NOT INCONDUCIVE to the Sheet's Bandwidth Coefficient.

"Original Works"
1. Original Works are EXEMPT from the Entirety Grading Factor.
2. Effort = Success Rate for Acceptance and Usage by other people.

"Proper Naming Convention"
The Naming Convention for a Sprite Sheet should go like this:

A. Game System - Game Name - Sprite Name
B. Game System - Game Name - Background - Name

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Super Mario World - Mario
Using Abbreviations and/or Acronyms is Optional but strongly recommended for Games and Systems that have Long Titles.
SNES - SMW - Mario

Here is an Example of a Sprite Sheet that was compiled to A++ Standards.
Sure it may not be Mario-Related, but it should at least give you a clear understanding of what I'm trying to say: A person who understands BOTH Graphics Design and Animation will become an Exceptional Spriter.

[Image: SNES-SDGGNX-RB-79Ball.png]
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