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Pokemon Mystery Universe - 4.9 Stars
Charticuno Offline

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Joined: Oct 2011
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Pokemon Mystery Universe - 4.9 Stars
General commentary/overview:

I thoroughly enjoyed this game due to several factors! There were a few additional things that would make the phenomenal that have not been integrated into the game yet, but as I have heard they are definitely being worked on. Overall, the community, game play, plus the additional features make a game worth playing.


-The functions/features of the game itself are very similar to the real PMD games which gives PMU a familiar feel.
-Besides normal dungeons there are mini games such as Capture the Flag.
-The community is very welcoming and close-knit.
-The additional feature of creating/building a house is user friendly.
-Maps are original and well made.
-Dialogue is clever and funny.


-Though there is dialogue the storyline is not integrated fully. It is not very noticable.

Gameplay -
the gameplay is phenomenal and well polished. The controls are user friendly. With several dungeons the game does not get boring very easily and there are always things to collect and Pokemon to level.

Graphics -
The graphics are identical to the PMD games themselves and quite sharp.

There is wide variety of Pokemon Music, almost from every game. It is also high quality.

replay -
Like any Pokemon games there are always things to do after you have beat the game. As of yet there is no way to beat the game, so there is a never ending amount of play. [/size][/font]
Final words -
I would encourage any fan of Pokemon to come out to play this game. It sucks you right in with its multiple features and friendly community. A very well put together game indeed.
Final Score : 4.9/5

[Image: ArticunoBanner.png]
10-23-2011 04:41 PM
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ShadicTehHedgehog Offline

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Big Grin RE: Pokemon Mystery Universe - 4.9 Stars
I think its the best (Online) game ever, you can do many things that you could in the PMD games, Selling items, Training, Trading with other players (New), Recruiting Pokemon, etc. And theres even a arena to battle with your friends, theres even a Inn to heal your Pokemon. Theres even a Town Square to meet up with your friends! I recomend this game to you and your friends! Winking
10-28-2011 09:46 PM
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