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MegaMan Day of the Limelight 2 Review - 3.3 stars
giver336 Offline

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MegaMan Day of the Limelight 2 Review - 3.3 stars
General commentary/overview: MMDL2 is an interesting take on the MegaMan classic series. It sports multiple playable characters to mix up the gameplay. The playable characters are the Robot Masters (or bosses) found in a game called MegaMan 2. The premise, if you already haven't guessed, is being able to play as the enemy, to defeat the enemy. The bosses you must defeat are all from MegaMan 3. There are 8 bosses in total, and 8 playable characters for you to choose. Each stage gives you a preset character to beat that stage with. Players must navigate over spiked obstacles, avoid perilous enemies, and be able to defeat a tough boss at the end. You can do any stage in any order, as per usual in the Classic series. While MMDL2 gets some things right, they fail to execute their ideas properly, which ends up being a chore to go through the stages.

Pros: The idea to have multiple characters is very intriguing, and for what it's worth, it adds a depth of strategy when going through the stages. You're forced to stop, think for a minute, before carefully moving through.

Certain playable characters seem to take more damage than others, and some have more attacking options than others, which again, adds more variety

I love the fact that you can set your own lives in the Options menu. This becomes important in a later point I'll bring up.

Cons: The cons of this game mostly stem from it's execution on some aspects. When it comes to getting around instances on the stage using your character, this game succeeds, but when it comes to fighting enemies, it falls flat. The movement/AI of the enemies almost mandates being able to use MegaMan. When you compare MegaMan to each of the playable Robot Masters, they simply aren't as maneuverable, which really puts you at a huge disadvantage. I can understand trying to make them different from MegaMan, but your typical enemy will give you a rough time since you aren't exactly in the best of shape. Certain characters can run and throw their projectiles, while others can't. They should all be able to, because that greatly hinders you while traveling through the stage. The bosses also demand more maneuverability which you don't have.

I mentioned that certain bosses were good at certain things and others weren't, but given the typical difficulty of any MegaMan stage, playing as somebody who can't move very well is a bit of an issue. Being able to adjust your lives in the Options screen helps to mitigate this to some extent, but going through the stages is still a chore.

Saving doesn't work, however, it's a demo that's not too long, so I can let this slide to some extent.

Gameplay: Your typical MegaMan classic affair with more characters utilizing different gameplay styles thrown into the mix. Running, shooting, jumping, the usual. Some bosses can charge and some can't. However, some characters, like CrashMan -- who has limited attacking options -- need something more.

Sound: No complaints here. The standard sounds you hear in the Classic series make their return here.

Replay: The replay value is quite large, actually. Beating one stage gives you access to the character you beat it with in another stage. You can choose any stage in any order, making for a open-ended experience dictated by the player.

Final Words: Although an interesting concept, it does not execute it properly in a well-balanced manner. The gameplay is what the Classic series is known for, the entire franchise, in fact, so something like this can really bring the game down. If the stages were tweaked, and the character's abilities re-thought out to be more suited to trekking through a perilous stage, it would be a blast.

Final Score: 3.3 stars out of 5
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10-23-2011 05:46 PM
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Riverroad Offline

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RE: MegaMan Day of the Limelight 2 Review - 3.3 stars
Thank you for the review.

(10-23-2011 05:46 PM)giver336 Wrote:  Saving doesn't work, however, it's a demo that's not too long, so I can let this slide to some extent.

Can you elaborate on this? This is the first time I have seen someone bring up a bug with the save system.
10-25-2011 01:39 PM
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giver336 Offline

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RE: MegaMan Day of the Limelight 2 Review - 3.3 stars
When I moved the cursors to Save Game on the menu, I then selected a profile. This was at the start, and I assumed no new data would be added and this was shown in the save file. I then visited a couple of stages and got those blue items in SparkMan, and NeedleMan's stage. I exited the stage, went to save, and still no new data was shown on the file. I soon got a gameover, and had to restart again.
10-25-2011 03:18 PM
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