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Project AM2R - 5 Stars
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Project AM2R - 5 Stars
Overview: I remember being eight years old, sitting in the back of my dad's Pontiac on the freeway with my brother's beat up old gameboy on the way home from our Aunt's house, always waiting for the next light so I could catch a glimpse of what I was doing. But when someone would get behind us on the freeway, I'd have a big smile on my face and put the gameboy above my head so I could see better. Then I was attacked by my first Alpha Metroid. My childlike joy turned into fear that only an active imagination could comprehend. Naturally, I died and returned for more, this time emerging victorious. For a few years, I would always come back and try to play more. My brother could beat it over and over, so why couldn't I? Sure I was always getting lost in SR388's spiraling underground tunnels and dying more times than I care to admit when I stumbled across every Beta Metroid that I found, but at that age, I just couldn't win. Then my brother moved to Texas. And took his Gameboy with him. I hadn't played the game since, but instead I played every other Metroid I could get my hands on. And won. And now thanks to DoctorM64, I can finally relive those moments of my childhood, for my brother.

Pros: Aside from standard nostalgia, this is a Metroid game true to the core. It looks good, plays great, and stays true to the game every step of the way, even with all of the modern elements and new gameplay mechanics.

Cons: Unfortunately it still isn't finished, but you can't rush art. It still needs a polish in some areas, but the improvements that have been made in the last year or so, I can tell that won't an issue.

Gameplay: Even if it weren't a remake of a previous Metroid game, AM2R could easily stand on it's own merits. It feels almost exactly like Zero Mission, if not better. Everything is there, wall jumping, edge grabbing, even the classic charge bomb drops you could pull off in Super Metroid have returned with some new twists and variations. But more importantly, it feels solid. Not once through the entire demo did I feel the flow of the game slow down or get in my way. There was no slowing me down and it felt great.

Graphics: The mysterious atmosphere of SR388 is captured perfectly. Upon leaving your ship, it's bright out with lots of foliage and an apparent abundance of life. As you progress further into the crust, it slowly changes from bright and poppy to dark and gloomy, and eventually you reach the first Chozo area. It's apparent even from the beginning that Samus is in for a challenge.

Sound: The tunnel theme isn't exactly how it used to sound. Once upon a time it was bright and poppy, but now while retaining the same melodies, it's slightly darker, more mysterious. Entering the Chozo area proved to be not necessarily a blast from the past. The song was the same, but much darker with a very Metroid Prime feel to it. So far I'm thoroughly impressed with the way the music captures the mood and ambiance of SR388.

Replay Value: I've played through the demo at least 4 times now, each time making more of an effort to find every missile expansion and every item. The previous tech demo (Metroid Confrontation) for AM2R had such great level design I always found new shortcuts through each playthrough and this is no different. If this is just a small taste as to what's to come, I can't wait to have the whole feast. The demo did just what it needed to do: it left me wanting more.

Final Words: I've played through every other Metroid game hundreds of times and so far this is the best one I've played. The music, the graphics, the true-to-Metroid engine, everything about this game has impressed me beyond words. If I could express any more glee through my text, they would sparkle and shine and do whatever it is that happy excited words do. I have no doubts in my mind that this is the Metroid game Nintendo failed to release. The only negative thing I could say is that time just doesn't go by fast enough; I want this game.

Final Score: StarStarStarStarStar Out of 5 Stars
10-24-2011 03:23 PM
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