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The Legend of Zelda : Horn of Balance - 4 Stars
Tetiro Offline

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Joined: Oct 2009
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The Legend of Zelda : Horn of Balance - 4 Stars
General commentary/overview:
I actually really enjoyed the vast improvement on the demo. Last time I played this, I had to stop as there was an error that prevented further progress for me. Now it's been fixed, I was able to explore the dungeon alot more. And I'm pleasantly surprised by the new version.

Some challenging puzzles
Constant graphics style
Solid game engine

No story. Though that's because it's a technical demo. But makes me wonder. He's been working on this for at least over 2 years and no story?

There's always an error that ruins the game. Last time it was a chest that could never be opened without an error, this time it's when you die. martijn dear, please die in the game and select the continue function. You'll see why. I'll be screenshoting the error soon for you.

This isn't so much a con as no doubt martijn has a reason behind it but something I want to point out. I only decided to remake Chiming Bells in the middle of summer. How come for the last few versions we've only seen technical demos. Perhaps something more than a technical demo next time please?

Apart from the stated error above, the gameplay on it is so far very well done. Even I shall take my hat off to it. Though the only thing that ruined it being a perfect 5 in gameplay was those little hidden errors. I will be performing a full testing to find all errors for you martijn to prevent these errors in the future so that you get a perfect 5 next year.

Exactly what we wanted. A suitable art style because we know it works. There is one problem. In that room with the 4 moving statues with ALOT of pots, you can make the pot get drawn OVER the statue. It's not a big problem but you should sort it out martijn

Almost perfect! My only quarrel was the looping for the background music. Sort it out and you have a perfect 5!

This game definitely has the power to make you want to go back for more. I'll give you that. I have been trying so many times to beat the dungeon. Think I got up to 20 times now.

Final words
A solid engine with great potential. But that's all it is right now. A solid engine. Next martijn I expect a storyline from you mister!

Final Score : 4 Stars
10-24-2011 03:33 PM
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martijndh Offline

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RE: The Legend of Zelda : Horn of Balance - 4 Stars
Interesting review. The story generally takes a backseat to gameplay for me, but I'm sure that I can add a little bit more in a next release. Why don't I start a discussion topic for the game and than we can discus it further. It would also be a good place to collect other issues, if any more are found.

The continue glitch had also been found by Sahittam two days ago, so I already found the problem and fixed it (I just kinda forgot to actually update the demo yesterday). Redownload the demo and it should all be good. Keep in mind though that you don't actually continue when using the option. You do however get your progress saved so it's more or less a continue option never the less. I know it's not finished, but I needed to make choices / set priorities.
(This post was last modified: 10-25-2011 01:41 AM by martijndh.)
10-25-2011 01:40 AM
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Tetiro Offline

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RE: The Legend of Zelda : Horn of Balance - 4 Stars
And that's why I didn't let the score drop due to the errors. Because I knew you had/will no doubt a fix on the situation.
10-25-2011 03:14 AM
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