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Project AM2R - 5.0 stars
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Project AM2R - 5.0 stars
General commentary/overview:

As predictable as this is, I'm throwing up yet another 5 star review for Project AM2R. I've been following the project for quite some time, and to be honest it is responsible for my attendance to the NCFC this year. Having only expected some info, I was ecstatic to see a real, playable demo up, and I right away downloaded and got to work. The following were my thoughts on the experience;

I was a bit offput by the title screen. A completely blank screen, dead silence. I tilted my head in confusion, since the years old tech demo had content in those areas. My worries lifted a bit when I started the game proper, and heard the fanfare with Samus next to her slightly silly looking ship. The first thing I noticed was the music, it wasn't really impressive at first, but the Tunnel theme started playing after some buildup, and I couldn't help but to hum along. Some corridors later (and morphball shortcuts, which I was pleased to discover were still there from the original game) I came to the first Alpha Metroid. It was a rather challenging, thrilling fight, especially for so early in the game, and I especially enjoyed it because I had waited over a year to fight one. But still, nothing all that completely noteworthy so far, just having a good time with some classic Metroid.

But then came the first area. The music got slow and ominous, and stayed so until I reached the temple. After one enjoyable romp through that, noting the many differences and surprises along the way, I fought my second Alpha and won. All I can think of at this point is how atmospheric AM2R is. The soundtrack is masterfully done to this cause, sounding ominous, but mysterious. Although I generally knew where the Metroids were, I was on edge for new ones, and the music was a big part of that. It made me feel as if I was exploring the unknown.

This was taken to an 11 in the breeding grounds, where another arrangement of the temple theme began playing. It sounded downright sinister, and the logbook system (which is really cool by the way, it's not as in depth as Prime's is, but it helps set the atmosphere and helps the player understand where they are more) hammered the point home with Samus's speculation on the Chozo breeding Metroids, which opened a lot of speculation of their fate. Long story short, AM2R does atmosphere in a way that only Metroid Fusion has come close to touching.

A few challenging fights later with Alphas, a boss showed up in what used to be a transition room. And really, despite only being the the first boss, it was a pretty fun and intense battle. The walls closing in added a sense of urgency, and the variety of attacks kept me on my toes.

The demo ended soon after. However, the ride was incredible. The game felt really professional and official, it's exactly what I as a Metroid fan have been wanting since Zero Mission. Which, by the way, the game feels just like. I didn't mention how swift and smooth the control was until now, but believe me, it FEELS right. It is fast paced and plays almost exactly like Zero Mission did, which was personally my favorite.

Sharp, responsive gameplay mimicking the GBA games to a T
A very creepy, mysterious atmosphere surpassing even Metroid Fusion
Very well composed music
Custom drawn sprites in the Zero Mission Style
Logbook and toggleable items subscreen

Not all of the music is very memorable, particularly the boss fight's theme
Difficulty may be too high for those not very experienced in Metroid.
A bit short.
It ended. :(

Gameplay: 5/5 (extremely solid and responsive)
Graphics: 4/5 (uses Zero Mission's more cartoony style, which to my understanding not everyone enjoyed)
Sound:5/5 (Great atmospheric soundtrack)
replay: 2/5 (It's just a demo, has no really secret goods to find, and no time tracking)

Final words: AM2R is a project worth watching out for. After over 4 years in development, it's shaping up to be something exceptional in the fangame world. I recommend anyone who considers themselves a Nintendo fan give the demo a shot, and if they want more, then should look into Metroid Confrontation, AKA the AM2R tech demo.

Final Score: 5
10-24-2011 10:00 PM
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