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Mario´s Deadly Flight - 4 stars
DoctorM64 Offline

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Mario´s Deadly Flight - 4 stars
General commentary/overview:
I was expecting something like the Mario shooter I saw last year here. Little did I know how awesome this little game turned out to be.

Consistent style, simple gameplay, many powerups and bosses!

A little too much of the experience relies on chance. Depending on your luck, you could end in a non-stop powerup spree, or barely surviving with the starting pea-shooter.

I know this is a minigame that´s supposed to use only 2 buttons total. For the most part going up or down works perfectly fine, and there were just 1 or 2 bosses where I wanted full control.
Powerups, specially if you get lucky, are really fun to use. (LV3 Pink Flower!!!!)
If there were some sort of "consolation" powerup that appears once a certain time without items has passed, this would minimize the frustration. But since there´s more than one live, the challenge gets quite balanced.
Oh, and a score multiplier/combo system could make it even more competitive (I got 14th in the rankings).

Standard SNES Mario style, very consistent. No surprises here, but that´s good.

There was one techno-ish song that made the game feel much more action packed. The rest was fine. The option to turn voices off was a nice touch.

Score hunters will play this forever, casual people like me will appreciate some more risk vs. reward score opportunities.

Final words
Make this a full game!

Final Score
4 stars out of 5
10-24-2011 10:48 PM
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Supernova Offline

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RE: Mario´s Deadly Flight - 4 stars
Thanks, very appreciated! But I might not further expanding this game since my computer issue.

[Image: Mario_Car_Neon.png]
Truely an American Classic
10-25-2011 07:05 PM
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