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Late Night Luigi-Four Stars
Shroomguy Offline

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Wink Late Night Luigi-Four Stars
General commentary/overview:
Late Night Luigi by Glukom is a game of simplistic style and gameplay that offers a certain charm not found in many other fan games. I was lucky enough to get a hands on of the demo before it's release, so I figured I'd take it upon myself to review this sweet little slice of NCFC heaven. From a memorable soundtrack to a quirky style, Late Night Luigi delivers 24 hours a day.

+As always, comedic dialogue with an almost satirical flair.
+Graphics follow suit by being simple, but very memorable.
+The trailer for the booth builds a lot of anticipation with a solid soundtrack behind it.
+Along with the text under the trailer, which easily increases the hype behind such an acclaimed series.
+The demo shows the first level of Late Night Luigi, which features plenty of room to explore and a quick tutorial to get you out the door and playing the adventure.

-The graphics can easily be seen as poorly/lazily done to someone who doesn't "Get it" so to speak.
-The Late Night games have a tendency to be of relatively short length, which is a shame.
-Dialogue follows suit with the graphics by being gramatically incorrect on purpose, which can be taken either way
-The game has a "Lazy" feel to it, with little animation to speak of.

Gameplay: The simple formula of Mario platforming is found here, with wall jumping, ground pounding, and an array of custom enemies and redone protagonists in the "Late Night" style. Luigi, the hero of this game, goes around fighting off enemies upon the request of Yoshi (Mario's out somewhere. But what this means to the plot is uncertain as of right now)
The game features checkpoints and climable ropes as well, all which work pretty well. The checkpoints seem like they will come in more handy later on in the game, as the difficulty isn't too prominent. The end of the first level features a simple boss fight (Which I won't spoil, it's a fun one despite being so simple, but that's all I'll say for now)

Graphics: This has often been an issue of controversy, but the simplistic style of the graphics fits so well with the dialogue and atmosphere that Glukom creates with the Late Night games that it's hard to discredit them. Yes, there is a strong element of laziness to them, but at the same they posses a simplistic, low key charm that amplifies the fun atmosphere that Late Night Luigi establishes. The characters could stand to have a bit more animation in general though.

Sound: The soundtrack is a combination of Glukom's work and other miscellaneous soundtracks. The first level is actually a bit of an ear worm, and I can't wait to hear the rest of the music in game. Luigi's jump noise can get a little annoying though; randomized jumping sounds would be a plus for this game (As it does have other jumping noises, like for wall jumping)

Replay: The demo is sort of short, but offers a few different areas to poke around in. Re-playability isn't a huge factor in this game, unfortunately.

Final words: Late Night Luigi is an absolutely charming fangame this is really a solid title with a kickin' booth to boot. Simple games like this are a part of what make fangaming so great, and I can't wait to see it complete.

Final Score: 4/5 Stars.
10-24-2011 11:53 PM
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Jalopes Offline

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RE: Late Night Luigi-Four Stars
Do keep in mind that while this demo lacks replay value since you can't revisit the level, the final game will have both a shop and the Tokens which, if found, unlock some kind of secret. There's definitely incentive to replay levels to get them all.

anyway i'm very glad you enjoyed it shroomman c:
10-25-2011 06:47 AM
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