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MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X – 5 stars
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MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X – 5 stars
General commentary/overview: MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X is a fanmade continuation of the MegaMan Battle Network series that was made in GameMaker. It’s well-done, and mimics the series it is trying to emulate to near perfection. You play as Lan Hikari -- a teenager who has saved the world on numerous occasions – and his pal, MegaMan.EXE. MegaMan takes on a different role in the Battle Network series, as he is a computer program that can be sent into various areas in Cyberspace the game refers to as The Internet. Your purpose is to find places where you can “jack-in” so that you may preserve order. MegaMan is Lan’s connection into Cyberspace in a world where everything is connected to the Internet. Citizens of this world must utilize an AI called “NetNavis”. These navis act as your accountant, personal schedule manager, antivirus system, alarm clock and just about anything else people require. Your usual tasks involve taking down criminal organizations, deleting local viruses, and saving the people you know from hilarious, and otherwise, over the top circumstances. Being that the purpose of Chrono X was to properly emulate the feel of a Battle Network game, it succeeds in this, which any returning player will love. It may even be hard to distinguish Chrono X from an official game if you did not know otherwise.

Pros: Chrono X’s main strength is that it plays, feels, and looks exactly like a Battle Network game. This is the main draw for all fans of the series. This game seems well-polished, going out of its way to replicate aspects from Battle Network games. You’ll find yourself re-immersed into the franchise as you once again tackle on another adventure playing the role of Lan and MegaMan.
A notable improvement over the actual series is that the boss battles are actually tougher than the series it emulates. This game clearly caters to the numerous amounts of fans who begged Capcom to make the games a bit harder, overall. The tougher battles give you a sense of catharsis and help to add to the overall enjoyment.
The game itself runs smooth; I did not encounter any lag problems with it on my Windows XP. Being able to save and come back later really helps the experience, too.

Cons: This is a tough one. There weren’t any major flaws that really brought the experience down for me. There were a few minor flaws, yes, such as the first dungeon being a bit of a chore to slog through, but the experience was consistent and enjoyable.

Gameplay: Battles take place on a 6x3 square grid separated into two 3x3 square sections. You control MegaMan on the red side, while your enemy is on the blue side You can wield a variety of attacks ranging from swords, to guns, to bombs, to elements of nature, to destroy your foes. Your attacks are found in a container called a Chip Folder, which stores up to 30 different attacks. There are rules for attacks, though, which state that certain “battlechips” as the series calls it, can be chained to other battlechips for increased combos. Different battlechips have different elements, different attack patterns, and a multitude of other different things. As for movement, you control MegaMan in real-time, as attacks and a whirlstorm of other things is flung at you by viruses and other boss AI programs alike. At the end of each battle, you’re ranked to see how well you did. Your rewards are either Zenny –which is the game’s proverbial currency -- or battlechips, which usually relate to the virus you just fought. As usual, if your HP drops to zero, you die, and have to continue from where you saved. There are recovery battlechips that you draw in battle to heal yourself, as well as “SubChips” which you find on The Internet to give various effects.

Sound: The sounds here range from some old ones found in the series to some new ones made for scenes depicted in the demo.

Replay: It’s just a demo that contains the first chapter, so there isn’t much replay value to be found. However, there are some small after story bonuses to keep you interested.

Final Words: MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X is a game that successfully replicates the style of the original series its based off of. No doubt returning fans will have a blast as they once again trek through the perilous Internet in order to stop the newest threat to cyber existence. Because the point of this game is to continue the series, trying to capture the feel in order to attract players is what needs to be done. Because this was done well, I can safely say this game deserves this score. If you’re a fan, you can appreciate the attention to detail, if you’re someone new, this will be a fun game to play and look forward to.

Score: 5 stars out of 5 you should defenitly try it out if you have time :D
10-25-2011 06:09 PM
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