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Bowser's Last Stand - 3.7 Stars
KiddoCabbusses Offline
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Bowser's Last Stand - 3.7 Stars
This review is based on a playthrough session I did of this game over Livestream.
You can watch this Playthrough on Youtube - it is 13 minutes into this video;

Most of my comments here line up with what is expressed in that video.

- Bowser feels powerful! Crushing Toads and going through obstacles with brute strength and stamina is fun.
- Graphics, music and sound effects are a very consistent "Super Mario All-Stars" style, blending together nicely.
- Difficulty, as far as the demo goes, feels well-balanced. There is nothing surprisingly difficult or outright unfair, nor is there anything insultingly easy.

- Some of Bowser's special techniques - particularly the spinning shell attack, are not practical to use in spite of how cool they look.
- Stage layouts and "Megabowser" bosses don't seem all that creative just yet.
- Up + Jump for the ground pound does not come intuitively. Also, the long pause after a ground pound is performed is something I really wish I could cancel out of.

At it's core, a Mario-esque platformer. While lacking a run command, Bowser has a (generous) health meter that is restored by mushrooms, fireballs and a few special techniques to assist him in pounding down the Toad army and their "Megabowsers". Boss battles are combat-oriented.

As they are all taken from SMAS, there isn't anything too surprising to say about them. They all blend in well.

Same as with the graphics. SMAS sounds all blend in well.

Not until Friday! Then the next demo will come along...

Final words:
There can't be any "Final" words here, can there? We're talking about something that can change as soon as Friday, after all.

Final Score (out of 5 stars):
3.7. A few .1s should be added come further progress.
10-26-2011 03:13 PM
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onpon4 Offline

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RE: Bowser's Last Stand - 3.7 Stars
Hi, thanks for the review!

I see you didn't notice that the help screen tells you how to do the special moves. In light of that, I've added a note under the controls section for the next release.

I've also made an adjustment to the "dizzy" state which happens after the Bowser Bomb. It's now significantly shorter. Also, the end of it (where Bowser re-orients himself) is treated the same as turning, which means Bowser can be controlled during that time.

You mention that the shell dash is useless, but that's untrue. :) Try using it against big groups of Toads. You can charge it different amounts to go at different speeds; that yellow bar indicates the charge level you currently have.

Anyway, the next release will feature some huge improvements. Look forward to it! I sure look forward to you playing the next version! :)

BTW, there's a reason the toads are "dicks" (though I would prefer a term like "snotty"). All will be revealed after World 7. :) As for why they get smarter as you move along, let's just say they keep their best troops at home. ;)
(This post was last modified: 10-27-2011 01:59 AM by onpon4.)
10-27-2011 01:58 AM
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