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Highway Trouble - 3.9 Stars
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Highway Trouble - 3.9 Stars
This is based on a NCFC Livestream session playthrough of the game.
You can watch it 19 minutes into this video here;

- Everything can explode. Everything.
- Lives system is very, very generous.
- Bosses are creative, crazy, and vicious.

- After about 10 levels, the game feels like it's been dragged out
- After about 8 levels, the game starts to have slowdown that doesn't go away until I quit.
- Difficulty is not balanced - the dual-sickle boss in particular is harder than anything else in particular. Some latter stages feel significantly -slower- than earlier stages, when logically this shouldn't be so.

Stay on top of the moving cars and fire away! Killing anyone that also wields a weapon - and occasionally a poor sap just driving his car. Grab other folks' weapons and powerups, hijack vehicles, and do anything possible to stay alive in the ensuing death and chaos. 16 levels long.

Super Mario World graphics are mixed in with custom sprites for the vehicles, armor and weapons, and plenty of special effects for lighting and explosions.

Hollywood-esque Orchestras soon become obscured by the massive destruction that is represented by guns, lasers and explosions.

There are "Achievements" in the game, of which I am not sure I've collected all of. This is a game that would have a lot of replay value if it had an online multiplayer mode.

Final words:
The game is fun to play, but I feel like it would've been more fun if it just threw all the possible enemies at me in the first 8 or so levels, rather than dragging it out seemingly unnecessarily.
Thankfully, seeing the final boss himself was almost like an award in and of itself.

Final Score (out of 5 stars):
3.9 Stars.
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10-26-2011 03:42 PM
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