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Pokemon Mystery Universe - 4.8
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Pokemon Mystery Universe - 4.8
General commentary/overview:

Over the last three... four years, I have been a member of the Pokemon Mystery Universe (PMU) community. Three of those years I spent as one of its many dedicated staff members. (Though I was far more active in my earlier days). I saw the game evolve through hard and easy, and watched it go through conflicts and golden eras alike.


-A large variety of Pokemon to choose from.
-A constantly evolving game with an active development team.
-Hand made maps, along with randomized dungeons.
-An active and close-knit community.
-A game that becomes more and more like its original every day.


-Bugs, as is expected with in-the-works material and hand coded software.
-Lack of definitive storyline at the moment, though it is in the making.
-Slight unoriginality in the current storyline.


The game itself plays much like the original Mystery Dungeon games, however combat is in real time and there are other players to work with and compete against.

Things that are not like their predecessor and base, are becoming more like them every day (you should see how far the random dungeon mapper has come along).


The graphics are standard Birds-eye PMD graphics, many sprites taken from the game itself. For the new generation (Unova), spriters within the community and staff have begun working on getting a library of missing pokemon.

The game has a lot of the music found in both PMD 1 and 2, and libraries from other Pokemon games as well.

I wouldn't say there is much replayability, seeing as it is an MMO, there really isn't a point in which the game ends. With innovations and developments being made by the staff team, the game expands a little more each update.

Final words
While I may no longer be an active member of the community, I enjoyed every moment I spent with the game, and the community within. Even the hardships endured are enjoyable nostalgia when conjured up in memory. I have no regrets about joining this game, and only wish I could have kept going longer.

The game itself (and this may sound repetitive, but I mean to emphasize) is still a work in progress, and is making great progress all the time. I can tell you from a background perspective that there is still a lot of potential for that which is PMU.

Final Score

Farewell to you all. Now I fade into legend beyond memory. An echo of the past.
10-28-2011 12:11 AM
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