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Project AM2R - 5 stars
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Project AM2R - 5 stars
Overview: This game seeks to recreate Metroid II: The Return of Samus using modern technology and game mechanics so that everyone can enjoy it. First, let me just say that this is an incredible project. One man working by himself has created a game that almost perfectly replicates true Nintendo projects. The current demo and the previous small games using this engine have demonstrated high levels of polish and professional level designs.

Pros: This game looks, feels, and plays like a real Metroid game. Samus controls like she should, and even has new abilities an animations. (Things like improved ability to navigate small ledges and charge bomb mechanics.) For those of us who never played the original MII, this could be the best chance to experience a classic with a modern spin.

Cons: This game is not finished. Although there is a fair bit of content already released, (It has taken me 12+ hours to play through the three unique demos currently released, not counting replays.) this game still has a long way to go. I am also dissatisfied with the current map system, although DocM64 assures me that it is being worked on. Finally, as much polish as has gone into this game, I think the level design could still be improved and there are still aspects if you look extremely closely that remind you this game is a fan project.

Gameplay: It works perfectly and plays just like a Metroid game should. No complaints here whatsoever, Doc has crafted a superb gameplay engine.

Graphics: The ripped/edited sprites and the custom sprites have a unified appearance that works very well. This game is beautiful and the work of many talented people has gone into making sure of that. (One of the few areas of the game where Doc allowed others to help him.) All of the new enemies and new designs for the Metoids also look fantastic.

Sound: Among his other talents, the Doc is a professional in the music business. He has created and remixed a variety of soundtracks that sound excellent and truly do justice to the originals they are based on. The music in this game sets the mood very well. Sadly, the sound effects for enemies are not completed yet, but I expect just as much polish from those when they are done.

Replay: The most recent demo is short and has little replayability, but the previous two were built as stand-alone games and have great design. Dozens of people have spent hundreds of hours competing to master speed runs of this game, and those were just demos primarily meant to test the engine. The final game has many short-cuts and speed run tricks built in to maximize replayability and many plans to reward multiple playthroughs and/or harder difficulties. It's Metroid, of course you will replay it.

Final words: All of the flaws I find in this game feel like mostly nit-picks. I really hope that everything is polished beyond belief and comes out above my expectations. However, even now, what we've seen of the game is already on par with official releases. If you like Metroid, you need to check out this demo and follow the project as it enters it's final leg towards completion. (The Doc expects the full game to be available in time for the next NCFC -if not sooner-.)

Final score: 5/5
10-28-2011 12:52 AM
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