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Final Fantasy Essence - 3.9 Stars
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Final Fantasy Essence - 3.9 Stars
This review is based off a Livestream session I've played of the game.
Due to some techncial difficulties I've had try multiple things to get it quite "right", so... let's drop the viewers here.

- A SNES-style Final Fantasy Engine with a high amount of accuracy.
- Nice-sounding music!

- Mostly bugs. In particular, an RPG Maker XP Bug renders my joystick glitching the game to heck. Also, my playthrough ended in a "Permission denied" for some reason.
- Storyline doesn't really make sense yet, although, technically, that's accurate to Final Fantasy as well.

Classic SNES-style Final Fantasy gameplay with NPC Interaction, Turn-based battles, and item management.

Map Sprites seemingly based off Final Fantasy VI are nicely edited. Battle sprites are the as-expected still-image enemy art renders.

The music doesn't sound exactly familiar, yet it sounds very Uematsu-esque, which is great to hear. Sound effects are standard.

Hopefully not, if this game plans to be as long as a Final Fantasy. I don't wanna have to start over for some minor bonus. :P

Final words:
This game is an -excellent- example of the capabilities of RPG Maker XP. If the bugs can be ironed out, it'll easily be a must-get.

Final Score (out of 5 stars) :
3.9 Stars. Most score knockdown is due to bugs.
10-28-2011 03:09 PM
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