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Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X – 5 out of 5 Stars
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Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X – 5 out of 5 Stars
General commentary/overview: Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X (MMBNCX) continues off where the last Battle Network game left off (Mega Man Battle Network 6 Falzar/Gregar). The player controls either Lan Hikari (a netOP) or his Net NAVI, Megaman.EXE. The goal of the Battle Network games is to have Lan and Megaman complete various challenges and defeat enemy NAVIs in order to help keep the world safe. Though enemy NAVIs aren't the only challenges that Lan and Mega face throughout these games, viruses also pose a threat to everyday society. As the player, your job is to help Lan and Megaman.EXE keep net society safe.

Pros: MMBNCX has great things going for it, but the number one pro would have to be, hands down, the similarity it holds to the originals from playability down to the spriting style. The game designers went out of their way in order to create a game that replicates all the basic gameplay aspects from the Battle Network series. Another plus would be the difficulty of Bosses compared to the actual games as most bosses are actually harder to fight than normal. This can only say positive things for the difficulty of the game as it grows closer to its completion.

Cons: Like all things, MMBNCX does have some cons. The most notable would be the a few grammar/spelling errors and the occasional glitch here.

Gameplay: There are three aspects to the Battle Network series gameplay that Chrono X brings from past games: 1) The player controls Lan and completes challenges/events in the real world in order to advance through the story or obtain items/battlechips to progress through the game. 2) The player controls Megaman.EXE and completes challenges and events much like Lan does in the real world. However; unlike the real world, while in Cyber Space Megaman.EXE has a chance of running into viruses that the player has to defeat (or escape from) in order to continue on exploring. 3) The Battles. In Battle Network the player controls Megaman.EXE on a 6x3 grid, Megaman having half and the enemies having the other half. The player then is given 5 Battlechips (out of the 30 from the folder randomly selected) to use as aid to delete the viruses. Each virus has their own HP and when reduced to 0 the virus is deleted and vanishes from the grid. The same applies to Megaman, if his entire HP is reduced to 0 then he is deleted and it’s game over for the player. Defeating all the viruses causes the player to obtain Zenny, a Battlechip from defeated viruses, or an HP recovery item.

Sounds: The sounds from MMBNCX are a mix from past games as well as a new original sound track.

Replay: Replay is practically non-existent in MMBNCX due to it being just a demo of the first chapter, though that’s no reason to hate as there is a little extra bit after the player has cleared the first chapter.

Final words: Because of how close MMBNCX replicates the original Battle Network series, I’d recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the series. It’s a must play for all Megaman Fans.

Score: 5 out of 5. I can forgive the grammar/spelling as even though the developers are not from English based countries, they still have a way better grasp of English that most and the erros are nothing major.
10-28-2011 04:10 PM
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