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Super Mario: Mythical Mushrooms - 3.4 Stars
KiddoCabbusses Offline
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Super Mario: Mythical Mushrooms - 3.4 Stars
This review is based off a Livestream playthrough.
It can be viewed here;

- Metroidvanias are always a fun concept!
- Scrolling plot-text feels Bubble Bobble-esque.
- Interesting uses of powerups.

- Unfair death traps break the "Metroidvania" feel.
- Music does not pump me up.
- Physics aren't quite there yet... It seems the closer the physics are to being accurate, the more disturbing any part that feels "Slightly off" is. Check the way Mario jumps off a wall, in particular.

Mix typical Super Mario gameplay into a Metroidvania, although this is more 16-bit than the most notable attempt at this, the ROM hack "Extra Mario Bros."

Mostly 16-bit Mario graphics with a few special effects thrown in.

The Orchestral Mario piece in the first world is soothing and calming... but doesn't really fit in or pump you up for the game. Sound effects appear to be from GBA Mario games, including Mario's voice, which much like the GBA Games, overplays.

I haven't quite cleared the game, but I'm assuming that if this is like a good Metroidvania, there will be a lot of secrets to find by exploring the world with powerups. Also, sequence-breaking.

Final words:
Here's hoping the next version has less ridiculous bottomless pit death traps and matches the Metroidvania feel better. Experience/Stat gains? Health max increasing? Crazy secret attacks? :)

Final Score (out of 5 stars):
3.4 Stars.
The game will surely get more points if it lives up to the "Metroidvania" potential.
10-28-2011 05:35 PM
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Hello Offline

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RE: Super Mario: Mythical Mushrooms - 3.4 Stars
(10-28-2011 05:35 PM)KiddoCabbusses Wrote:  Health max increasing?
Just so you know, the game does have this. This is why you only start with two health. Happy
10-28-2011 08:23 PM
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