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Project AMR2 - 4 stars
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Project AMR2 - 4 stars
General: AM2R, an awesome Metroid 2 fangame that's been in development for a long while. We finally get a solid demo!
Pros:Solid Metroid Gameplay
Cons:Can be a little hard at the beginning for the first time or Amateur metroid player.
Gameplay - 5/5 Very solid. It's just like playing any other metroid game. Some of the kinda hokey stuff from the original Metroid 2 (such as spiderballing along the ceiling for 800 years) is still in the game, which is a pleasent surprise.
Graphics - 4/5 Very nice. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Metroid Fusion, I felt that they are actually pretty seemless. Also, instead of basically wandering through just caves and a few Chozo rooms, DocMario has instead reinvented some of the areas, making them much more interesting to explore.
Sound - 4/5 Solid, but I was disappointed that some of the sounds were missing. Such as the little jingle for killing a Metroid, and also the loud lava draining sound. My friend couldn't even tell that the lava was draining, and was confused with the screen shaking. On a positive note, I'm grateful that the obnoxious sound that plays when Samus is low on energy was removed. That feature was always kind of annoying. Another huge improvement is the music. The original game had weird alien noises playing for a huge portion of the game. Instead, AM2R has different themes for the areas. The music isn't very pronounced, which leaves the player to focus more on playing the game.
Atmosphere - 3/5 While the rest of the game is very good, I think that this is where AM2R is hurting. While the graphics are very pretty, and bright, the original Metroid 2 was much darker. The caves were almost all pitch black. Also, although I didn't really like it, the alien noise sound track thing from Metroid 2 was more creepy that the current music.
Replay - 4/5 Kind of a shining point I felt about this game. There are lots of small shortcuts that the speedrunner can take. Although I didn't speedrun it, I see plenty of potential here.
Final words - AM2R is hands down THE best Metroid fangame on the internet. If only it were finished! The graphics are pretty, the gameplay, very solid, and the game sounds just like a metroid game. With some more polishing, this game will be nothing short of amazing. If you're any kind of metroid fan, (or if you're not), then you definitely need to play this.
Final Score (4/5 stars)
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10-28-2011 08:33 PM
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