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Kirby´s Ballin Adventure - 3.8 stars
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Kirby´s Ballin Adventure - 3.8 stars
General commentary/overview:
It´s a minigame, I know. But this has the potential to be a really addictive game. Trust me, I´m still recovering from Peggle.

Solid mechanics. Actual control of the character. Multiple characters to choose from.

Only one board for now. They could be populated with other score activities other than bumpers and the door.

Very simple, iDevices style. Just click the mouse in the direction you want to launch, and draw lines to bounce the character. "Growing" the line by holding the button down enables a multiplier. This would be much more useful in certain situations if the line lasted more than one hit (like trapping the character near bumpers), at least when fully charged.

They fit the kirby style perfectly. There could be more particle effects, like the ones seen in the SNES/GBA games. Also, adding some "score particles" when hitting certain objects would give visual feedback of how many points the player gets, and could reinforce the multiplier by showing it bigger.

Appropriate. Please don´t add any Kirby voices, please!

Not very much right now. There´s still little incentive to play again, other than trying out another character.

Final words
If this game is finished, it could be very addicting. High score tables, multiple game modes, unlockables, it´s all there to be added. I´m positive the creator is aware of this and he´ll make an excellent game of this.

Final Score
3.8 Stars
10-28-2011 10:26 PM
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