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~Project MLO [Fanmade 2D MMORPG - BETA]~
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~Project MLO [Fanmade 2D MMORPG - BETA]~
Hello! I'd like to show off my friend BlazeingYoshi and I's Fan-made Nintendo Mix 2D MMORPG. Keep in note, this is BETA. There will be bugs, errors, so please bear with me.

Okay, so with that said, lets start!

[Features & Gameplay]

~[1] : 1 Dimension, with 7 Playable Chapters. Also Chapter 8 is being worked on!

~[2] : Turn-Based Battle system. Yes, the Paper Mario / Mario & Luigi like turn by turn, action command, Battle System!

~[3] : Lots of characters to play as! (More to come! request playable characters you want to be as! (we must have your sprite in the MLO Sprite sheet in order to make you your sprite!)

~[4] : Equipable items, badges, armor, weapons! The higher you advance through towns, the better the shops sell!

~[5] : Special Attacks, which means using attacks based on your class (Character), which you can use in Battle!

~[6] : Party Battles! Join up to 2 Players in a Turn Based Battle! (Also note that this feature is kinda buggy, so as beta testers you are, please report any bugs! Also party battles Divide Star Points!)

~[7] : Star Points System. The famous Paper Mario Style of EXP! Get 100 Star Points to Level Up, which you can choose Attack, HP, or FP to raise!

~[8] : PvP / Player Versus Player. This means you can battle other players online, in a PvP Map, (a map with the VS symbol). Note that PvP battle system is Action Battle System, not turn based!

~[9] : [?] Item Blocks [?]! Recieve items from them! You'll never know what you'll get!

~[10] : Trade with other players! need a item that a friend already has? Trade with them by command /trade <playernamehere>

~[11] : Guilds! Have friends in your club/guild and communicate with them by saying @<msghere>. In the future, there will be a feature where guilds will have battles with one another!

~[12] : Quests! Complete quests and gain items and EXP!

~[13] : Coins, the famous Mushroom Kingdom Currency! use coins to buy equips and weapons, and SOME badges! (note star pieces are usually currency for badges!)

[The game's plot]
The game's plot is taking place around more dimensions than just one which explains why some areas may not look Mario-ish at all.
The Pokemon Dimension
You start off in this dimension after a battle with Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom (taken from the old tutorial area that may make a return). You have a dream that leads you to Bowser (in the current MLO version) and after the battle you wake up in Evergreen. The chapters in this dimension take place around Mystic Ruins, Dry Dry Desert, Bandit Woods, Dungeon of Relics, Noki Island, Snow Peak, Shrine Volcano and Sunrise Village...which prove that the first dimension is based of SMO. A certain chapter would make you ask yourselves question that can be answered in a quest for a really epic item.

The Mushroom Kingdom
That's right, after you finish the first dimension you will return to your home dimension. Not much is known about this dimension yet but you'll notice it will look chaotic because all of the heroes including you have been sent in the other dimension. Fixing what is causing the chaos should let you explore the Mushroom Kingdom in its normal way...but who's to say the game ends here?

There may be a possibility this would be the third dimension of the game.

The Void
It may be just a place for a quest playable for those who have the Dual Swords, level 90 and are on chapter 8 that lets them to get the Dark Dual Swords, this dimension is a dimension gathering other insignificant ones..which will explain the way the areas look like. You'll find your answers regarding the events in chapter 4 in this dimension as well...but would also raise other questions: Dark Matter, the boss of the Dark Dual Swords quest, is just a spawn of darkness or was it created by someone else?


These are some youtube videos showing off some things in Project MLO!

[A video made by a Project MLO fan. It is also the trailer video!]:

[A video of the Turn Based Battle system!]

[A video of how Project MLO loads up!]

Project MLO has a website, which has all the information about it here:

To locate the download, which is here:!downloads

(Okay, if anyone's confused about how to download the game, i will post the link's you will need as the game lacks a auto updater at the moment...

Project MLO V3.2.3C:

Project MLO Update WIP #3:

Music Pack #1 (Optional):

Music Pack #2 (Optional):

The Project MLO V3.2.3C is the Main Client folder. You have to get Project MLO Update WIP #3, and extract the files in it, to the Project MLO V3.2.3C FOlder, replacing any files it asks you.

If you want to hear the music, you can Download the Music Packs. But for Music Pack #2, you go inside Music 2 folder, and highlight ALL the music files, and extract them to the Music Folder in Project MLO V3.2.3C. As for Music Pack #1, in THAT music folder, you can either extract that folder to Project MLO V3.2.3C's Folder if there is NO Music folder.)

Note this is BETA! Please report bugs and errors, or whatever weird occurences you have in Project MLO.

If you have any questions relevant to Project MLO, just ask!
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