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Super Mario War: Stomp Arena - 1 Star
onpon4 Offline

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Super Mario War: Stomp Arena - 1 Star
General commentary/overview:
I played this game for two reasons: first, because it's the only game I can play, as I'm a GNU/Linux user (not a Windows user), and second, because I really like Super Mario War.

Super Mario War is a game in which you control one of various Mario characters and fight other Mario characters in a platformer-style arena. Super Mario War features many different battle modes, ranging from simple kill-the-enemy battles to coin collection races, hundreds of maps to choose from, and a level editor for creating your own maps, and this is just scratching the surface. Unfortunately, it seems that, ever since the original author of Super Mario War died, development of it has more or less stopped.

Super Mario War: Stomp Arena is a remake and successor to Super Mario War, written in Java, which is currently in development. I don't really know why the developers of this game chose to rewrite Super Mario War from scratch rather than building on the existing code, but I digress. If you have played Super Mario War before, even one of the older versions, one thing you will notice very quickly playing this game is that it is in quite early development.

+ Great potential
+ Platform-independent (will run on any platform with the Java 7 runtime environment)

- Only one game mode
- Buggy controls
- Buggy powerups
- Overall sloppy early development state

The gameplay is pretty dull at the moment. Only one game mode is available, the "classic" mode where each player has a certain number of lives and everyone fights to the death.

That's not the problem, though. The problem is the gameplay is broken. The controls frequently stop working correctly (causing you to go in the opposite direction that you're pressing... I have no idea why), the physics are not particularly good, and the powerups are buggy and frequently don't work at all. The A.I. also doesn't do much of anything, but this is a minor complaint at the moment since multiplayer is possible. Overall, the game feels exactly like what it is: a game which is in a sloppy early development state. This is of course understandable, but it prevents the game from being very enjoyable.

The graphics are perfectly good, being very similar to the graphics from Super Mario War (with only minor variations). They consist mostly of rips from various Super Nintendo Mario games, mostly the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros 3.

Same story as the graphics. The sounds are more varied than the graphics, with a lot of sounds actually being taken from the 8-bit versions of SMB 1-3, but it's not really noticeable and it still blends together well.

Unfortunately, not being enjoyable to play in the first place, replay value is pretty much nonexistent at this point. I do intend to try this game again, but after some more development is done.

Final words
This game has a lot of potential. It really does. But the fact is that right now, it is little more than an undeveloped clone of Super Mario War which is missing many features. I think netplay is something in this game which Super Mario War never got working properly, and if this is true, it's great that netplay is working in this game, but I still don't think this game is worth playing yet. Instead, I recommend trying Super Mario War which, while no longer actively developed, is currently extremely fun to play. At the same time, I think it's great that this project is happening. I wish the developers of this game luck and hope to see this game get better in the coming months/years.

Final Score: 1 out of 5 stars
I really can't give this game any higher of a rating than this. It just isn't all that good yet. I'm sure it will improve as development continues, though, and I hope for the day when this 1 star rating changes into a 5 star rating.
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11-13-2012 11:41 PM
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JM Dragon Offline

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RE: Super Mario War: Stomp Arena - 1 Star
(11-13-2012 11:41 PM)onpon4 Wrote:  <review>

Thanks for the review! As you said, we are still in early development, so there are still many problems that need to be addressed (those control issues just got put to the top of my todo list). We have a lot more planned for the game, and we hope that it becomes more and more enjoyable with each release.

Super Mario War: Stomp Arena Developer
11-14-2012 05:47 PM
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