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Super Mario Bros. Dimensions
LangtonLion64 Offline

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Super Mario Bros. Dimensions
[Image: q37noqq0ccl1411fg.jpg]

Super Mario Bros. Dimensions is a 2D Mario fangame made in Game Maker 8.1 and powered with Dragezeey Engine VII. The game uses 8-bit graphics and music. The game's twist is a "dimension-switching" gimmick that allows one to switch between two different variations of the level, at the press of a button.

The current demo has Worlds 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. In total there are currently 35 levels: 25 regular levels, 5 enemy levels, 3 Purple Coin levels, and 2 "Polter" levels.

Latest Version: Demo 3 NCFC Version


Taking place days after the events of Super Mario Bros. 3, Bowser is lost around the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom, where he finds a mysterious flashing ring. The ring can allow one to travel to an alternate dimension, one that is much less developed and a lot gloomier than the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser comes up with a plan to build an empire in this strange new dimension, where nobody, not even Mario, can stop him! After months of progress, Bowser's empire begins to get larger and larger, and he starts using the power of the ring to "upgrade" his minions. But during the process of mutation, a single Hyper Boo freaks out and escapes the castle and back to the Mushroom Kingdom. There it crashes into a wall, which causes amnesia onto itself. Soon after, Mario discovers the lone, green Boo. After telling Mario about Bowser's plans (not knowing he is one of Bowser's minions), it ends up being rechristened as Polter, who has the ability to switch between the two dimensions at will, and joining Mario's side to stop Bowser's plans once again!


(List may be added to in future)


[Image: 1nm4ae3sw9q8ecefg.jpg][Image: 2phxde5c5bnx3enfg.jpg][Image: wnc5mzhbliurk0vfg.jpg][Image: c6cz8jn304mrul0fg.jpg][Image: ytx1q40sgbcj21pfg.jpg][Image: 6i2nfql5objmh31fg.jpg][Image: 3ula43w3zmz9hp8fg.jpg][Image: zoodiw8if209ufsfg.jpg][Image: 65zgqfhco614qcsfg.jpg]


11-03-2014 01:53 PM
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KiddoCabbusses Offline
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RE: Super Mario Bros. Dimensions
This demo was neat! The Dimension-switching mechanic gave this a sort of Sonic CD-esque vibe at times, and I though the Jetpack+Laser combo was fun. The Urban levels in the demo had a really interesting look and some neat mechanics.

About the only thing that irked me was how I could clearly recognize some of the music as being NeoGeo Pocket music, rather than NES music, which made me feel like the audio had an artistic clash at times.
11-08-2014 04:10 AM
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KiddoCabbusses Offline
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RE: Super Mario Bros. Dimensions

11-10-2014 12:48 AM
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