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Plumber's Parasitic Plant Problem! (Super Mario RPG Hack)
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Plumber's Parasitic Plant Problem! (Super Mario RPG Hack)
[Image: animation.241.Mold.30_zpsbxsek2eq.png?t=1428807572]

Hi everyone!

I want to share the demo of my ROM hack, Plumber's Parastic Plant Problem!

This ROM hack is based on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo. This demo (named Demo 1) has been released for NCFC 2015. I've worked on it for about two months total, and it took about a week to set up a playable demo, and I'm happy with the results so far!

> Gameplay

For those who don't know, Super Mario RPG lets you play as Mario in the game's signature isometric platforming style. You fight monsters in a turn-based RPG combat, using spells (or in SMRPG's case, specials) and other means of strategy to defeat the opponent, be it a monster, mook, major boss, or anything in between. You advance the story by visiting different areas and exploring surroundings, until you fight the boss of the area and advance the story. Sounds pretty cool, right?

In this ROM hack, Plumber's Parasitic Plant Problem (say that five times fast!), you do all those things, but with a new plot, new areas to visit, new enemies to fight against and even new characters to meet and to join you in your quest.

In this demo, there are only a limited number of things to do. But first, let's explain the story the game!

> The Story

There is a land where Toads and piranha plants live side by side peacefully. This island is called "Peaceful Piranha Plant Paradise", and this is where our story takes place...

The legendary plumber, the royal princess and the super cool and awesome Toad go on vacation to this island, but the blissful adventure turns to a one of duty and obligation as heroes. The once docile piranha plants of the island are suddenly becoming malicious, and are populating in unexpected places. Mario and others must get the assistance of local plumber experts, as well as a local scientist, to find the source of the piranha plant uproar and to bring the once peaceful paradise back to a hip vacation spot. Who or what could be behind the sudden outburst of the island's piranha plant population?

> What Should I Expect in this Demo?

This demo features the beginning portion of the full game. The player is introduced to the story, and is given a chance to advance the story, until the player is told they are unable to proceed.

The demo allows the player to fight new enemies, visit a new area, and fight a major boss at the end.

Excited yet? Maybe these screen shots will quench your appetites?

[Image: screen_0.png]
The Intro (Explained by the Narrator)

[Image: screen_1.png]
The Restaurant (The piranha plants attack!)

[Image: screen_2.png]
Perennial Sewers (Here we go!)

> Download

You can get the IPS patch here:
LAST UPDATE: August 25, 2015

Well, this is all I have for now. I hope you have fun playing the demo!

> Other Places to Discuss This Hack
This hack has a thread on The SMRPG hacking devs would love and appreciate it if you dropped them a comment!

File Update History
August 25, 2015: Fixed music not playing in sewers, fixed typos, touched some things up.
August 24, 2015: Updated demo to fix a few bugs.
August 23, 2015: NCFC started, demo 1 released!
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08-24-2015 10:27 AM
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