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Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs
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Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs

Hello all! As the lead developer of SMEO, I'm proud to showcase a new, exclusive demo on this year's NCFC. Super Mario & The Elemental Orbs is a fan-made team project developed by me, LSF Games, Pyro, MarioMan564 and FreeHeros. As expected from a Mario fangame, SMEO stars our favorite red plumber, Mario. Join him on an epic quest to prevent Bowser from unleashing the power of the mighty Elemental Orbs and taking over the Mushroom Kingdom!

This NCFC-exclusive demo contains the first 5 worlds, consisting of 5 carefully crafted levels and 2 boss battles each. Aside from that, there are a ton of unique features in this game to check out. These include:
  • Online multiplayer, where you can play any level in the game with your friends
  • A Custom Music feature, which allows you to change the music in the game's levels with a few clicks
  • 4 power-ups to use, 3 of which are custom-made and SMEO-exclusive
  • A shop system, that allows you to buy items for your adventure
I could expand this list further, but if I did, this post would be way too long. Besides, I don't want to spoil every single thing this game has to offer.

As opposed to last year's demo, the game no longer contains MIDIs. Thanks to the FMOD sound system, SMEO uses the OGG format for every single track in the game. This means all music (with the exception of non-MIDI tracks) has been replaced by either completely new tracks, or higher quality versions of said music. Of course, changing these songs with the Custom Music feature is still possible.

For more information, visit SMEO's booth page: , or read the ReadMe.txt file in the game folder.

And last but not least, here's a download link for the demo:
08-25-2015 02:52 PM
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