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Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6
Gumstone1080 Offline

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Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6

Booth Link:

Replace old .exe with the fixed one to prevent freeze at ending cut-scene.
The game.exe requires the music in order to avoid errors and other hiccups, hence why the file is that size.

*F4 or 4 keep can also be used to expand screen*

*The END key is the KILL SWITCH, obliterate all enemies and bosses on screen instantly. That is the only cheat code I leave in there lol, but would be cool if you try first ;)*

Also feedback on any finds and or errors would be nice, this way I can improve some things.

Big Zol (Alpha Chu)
An enemy manipulated by Dasum and released into BellBrooke Forest. Its very presence caused other Chus to be hostile and when encounter, it rushes the player in a narrow passage that leads to the exit of the forest.
Broga & Malus (Good Ending Boss)
Broga and Malus confront Link in the old Blackrock Cave network. They’re greedy thieves who want revenge against Sane. The player must defeat Broga’s followers and then confronts him. After his defeat, Malus is fought.
Malus needs to be hit only when he is locking on to you, and is a major threat while rolling. As soon as you see “!”, his rolling attack will be slightly longer than usual.
After this both of them need to be put down, the player must down Malus first in order to down Broga.
Bandit Leader Dasum
Phase 1
Dasum sends forth bandits to fight you, they can easily be taken down with a barrage of attacks.

Phase 2
You fight Slick/Alize, however, she will not fight back, signaling Link that she is on his side.

Phase 3
You fight Dasum himself, and he has a push range advantage over Link and can simultaneously attack Link and the weaken Alize. The player will need to make use of distance in order to defeat this final quest boss.

Demo Information


The read me file contains same control layout as before, only different is when you go to the menu to equip your shield, it is now V, instead of Z, when the cursor is on the shield icon.

* Once the demo is over, the player can still explore the maps.
* The player can go for 3 remaining heart pieces to make a heart container.
* The player can go for a wallet upgrade.
* The player can find the beam sword upgrade.
* An enemy will appear on map in Orlo Gale at some point depending on which item you get. (Wolfos will be awake during the day).
* There is also a tribute to Shadow Gazer in a hidden mini-game.

Side-Quest Plot

Another thing to note, depending on how the player progresses in the quest, results in a somewhat different ending and or dialogue. If a quest/dungeon is completed to the full 100%, pressing SPACE inside said location shows a Rainbow Heart in the player's inventory, indicating a good ending to the dungeon and or quest.

Before Link's arrival
In short, during the player’s (Link’s) journey from and beyond the falls, the BellBrooke Province was investigating bandit activity and is unaware of who is behind it. Teenagers ranging to older men around the ages 14-30+ went missing, and end up helping the villain behind the bandit attack. During this time, The Light Temple has been broken into and a blade was stolen, releasing part of a dark beast. Among the kidnapped was a young woman, who freed herself from the bandit leader’s control, however, continues to follow him, spying on him until her time to strike.
Link being present
Korri already knew of the situation, however, Link didn’t stick around long enough to speak with the old deku. Link ventures to Flora Town and witnesses a merchant getting robbed. Link gave chase, but ends up losing the two robbers. Link then meets with/hears about a man named Jarod, who had escaped from this bandit leader and revealed that the people who follow this criminal is under some form of brainwashed influence.
Link regroups with Kevin and Gemmy and the three of them offer their help to defend the province.The fight started early, Korri and his Deku sons aiding in taking out some of the bandits, reverting them back to normal, hence starting the real fight against the bandits.
Ending Conclusions (Would be good if you played through it first)
Link is informed by some of Leon’s men that Blackrock is probably the headquarters of the bandits, Link had this in mind too when the mysterious girl named Slick runs past him after the tense fight with the Big Chu.
Link goes to this area, but finds out another side passage, that previously had suspicious guards blocking the way.
Link finds a young girl who was hiding from the bandits and tells him about a northern cave.
Link travels through the cave and eventually finds the bandit leader’s hideout and confronts him. Link defeats the worn out bandits who fled from earlier, and fought against Slick, with her body language telling Link that she isn’t the enemy. Slick pretends to be defeated by Link, but eventually reveals herself to be spying on Dasum.
The two of them fought Dasum, however, Alize is quickly defeated due to being worn out. Link defeats Dasum and Alize used the “borrowed” Pure Sol Prototype to purge the remaining dark power from the blade Dasum used.
Dasum is arrested and the underground hideout is taken back, in addition, those who were under Dasum control choose to side with the people of Flora Town to prevent things like this from happening.

Possible Bug
Green-Fixed | Red-Not Fixed
*All in all, this demo is just to put the side-quest to the test.*
• So far the doors kind of vanish, but not really gone, this will be taken care of.
• Testers starting from the beginning will no longer get error in forest dungeon.
• Damage Modifier against player has been fixed.

• There was an error with the ending cut-scene with Sane freezing, this has been fixed in the new .exe.
• If an enemy is hit off-screen at times, they are pushed back through a wall.


• Some houses are not accessible for they are locked, even though the door seems to be open, which is a drawing issue that I need to fix.

• If you press space to view map in some places (the look of map are just drafts), some areas don’t have a map, but the menu still draws down. Most caves don't have a map and or a name unless it has some sort of importance to the section of the area.
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09-27-2016 11:59 AM
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RE: Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6
This looks and sounds so cool and awesome! I can't wait for the full release! Good work! Happy

New Zelda trailer: coming soon!

My booth: coming soon!
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09-27-2016 12:45 PM
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Gumstone1080 Offline

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RE: Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6
(09-27-2016 12:45 PM)PJCLink Wrote:  This looks and sounds so cool and awesome! I can't wait for the full release! Good work! Happy

Sorry for the late reply, was busy during the week day. But ya, thanks man^^.
It will be a while until full release because some segments, bosses and events in game have multiple endings that will define the finale in the game.

For instance, the 4th boss is corrupt and depending on how you tackle this boss you can either say or end up accidentally killing the boss, which will result in some npcs reacting differently and or mentioning the boss later on.
10-02-2016 08:53 AM
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Gumstone1080 Offline

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RE: Zelda New Beginnings ver.1.6
So from viewing the video, I see the bugs he is talking about, I am not sure if the fixed exe or the pervious exe that was in use.

The spinning glitch happens if you take a deadly blow (being hit a critically low hp) that is taken when your about to die, during a spin attack. So I'll take care of that.
Rovol in the cave has a check variable to see if all enemies are clear in the room, that error will be looked at too.

Also for those having a hard time seeing, F4 should make the game full-screen, didn't think the night time phases were that dark lol.

Malus/Broga can only be skipped if:
A: You avoid talking to the blue haired kid
B: Tell the guard you didn't see anything

These choices will just bring about the bad ending.

If any other bug is present, please let me know.


I noticed it was the bugged .exe being streamed, that one .exe is bugged, there is a seperate link for the fixed .exe, the main download is just to get the soundfiles and readme download.
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10-03-2016 10:43 PM
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