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Full Version: Game trailers wanted!
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KiddoCabbusses is working on a NCFC livestream channel and he needs your help! Got any trailers for your fangames you'd like to submit? Post them here!
Trailers for events or the complete NCFC Convention might be good as well, BTW.

Either and/or both of these is fine. I'm almost done with my demo of the game, can't wait for you guys to play it! Cool
Hello, I'm MaxRock! I've recently discovered this event you are hosting. I would like to use this opportunity to post my fangame called MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X! Obviously, this is a fangame of the MegaMan Battle Network series that had many installments on the GameBoy Advance. Below is our upcoming 4th demo. In case you were wondering, I'm the team's leader/only programmer and the game is being created in GameMaker.

If you're familiar with the MegaMan Battle Network series, then enjoy. If not, I hope you'll check it out!

Danger, Bob-omb! Danger! - Handle with Care
Demo coming soon to NCFC

It's not much of a "trailer" I guess, but feel free to use it if you're lacking content.

YouTube sucked the quality down big time :(. Anyways, enjoy!
Just letting everyone know I'm testing the off-stream with 5 of the trailers uploaded here.

DJ Yoshiman

Seems to be working well, this would be great for pre-hype.

also you're missing the WiTT Episode 2 trailer i posted in the other topic
I'll dig for it.

EDIT: Should be uploaded now. My apologies.

By the way, logos for the streaming might be nice, as well.

DJ Yoshiman

Ah, my apologies, I wasn't very clear.

I was looking for something akin to a "Network" logo for the NCFC Event itself.

I'll probably see if I can do something with that anyhow, though.

DJ Yoshiman

i assume you could use the logo on the main website

also see my comment in the chat of your stream about my trailer
Would you not be better off with the source videos rather than YouTube links - lots of compression takes place during the upload.

Also I can sort out images for you but I've no idea what Livestream demands, so you'll need to list sizes, names of things etc.
Source videos would be nice, but I tend to take a "I'll take what I can get" approach. If anyone'd be willing to send me a source video in place of what I currently have, feel free to send it.

Quote:DJYoshiman: And... it cuts off half way through ha ha what

.... And, yeah, in this instance, I think I will just want the source video, then. I don't know what's happening there.
I've already PM'd you my source videos and also here's a logo.

Thar ye go laddie don'tcha know
will early alpha footage work? I dont exactly have a trailer.
[Image: dbdhandlewithcarelogo.png]
Here's the logo.
[Image: logo3dish.png]

SPBW's official new logo :D
Here are my logos:
[Image: hwyt_hq.png]
[Image: mdf_hq.png]
[Image: sm-rshq.png]
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