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Full Version: Fight Night tomorrow night
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I was going to do something tonight depending on how my schedule went (turns out you can't cancel life for a week for ncfc :( ) but to make it up I'll announce tomorrow's a bit early and say that i'll try to have a few fights going on to make up for nothing happening yesterday or tonight...
It's more fun with developers there so be sure to bring your booth to the fight if you can.

Anyway 6pm UTC-4 tomorrow (tuesday) is when it's starting, could go forever or shorter depending on how it goes
ok this is postponed until same time tomorrow
Any chance of a Mario RPG fight night? But I think there might only be 2 of them, which are both mine...
well if that's the case it probably wouldn't be a very fun fight night haha

anyway i might be a bit late, but i should be there
Any chance of an EarthBound fight night? Make it afer my workshop today.
if you can get the competition sure