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Full Version: 23 Hours To Go
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This is your last chance to submit booths and workshops everyone.

Also you might notice we have the new theme up for this year. In honor of the Year of Luigi, we crafted a theme that will hopefully capture the spirit of the Luigimania that's been going on this year...

Hope everyone's ready for the event!
I absolutely love the theme/layout this year. Luigi fans will love it!
Heh, you actually updated the theme for the forum this year. :P
The new theme looks great! Hopefully, plenty of the Mario fangames will have Luigi as a playable character to complete the image.

Only 10 hours to go.
Uh, I doubt that there will be many fangames that star Luigi from what I have seen during the entire 2013 year, but ill never know. BTW, nice theme.
Well, he plays a pretty big part in Midas Machine, plus I'm sure there will be at least a few games that give him a good role.