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Full Version: ncfc 2013 is now over
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check out the livestream for an extra day of streaming though!

Be sure to check out our Minigame competition winner: Luigi Takes a Walk

I also recommend checking out the unofficial NCFC 2013 Silly Awards hosted by Techokami

and finally, Kiddo was thinking of moving the stream off of Livestream for next year. Does anyone have any feedback on what he should move it to? He had USTREAM or in mind already, but other suggestions are welcome.
(11-30-2013, 02:33 PM)Kesha Wrote: [ -> ]Fight Night Results:

Round 1 was... a tie!

Round 2 went to Coin Chaos

Round 3 went to Luigi and the Quest for Nothing

Hey! Check again. Round 1 just got an update. :)
alright then