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Full Version: Sneak Peek from the Sonic fangame community!
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For anyone who doesn't trail what I do constantly, back when NCFC was first getting off the ground this year, I asked some folks at the Sonic United community to send some fan game contributions over!

Oddly enough, I haven't gotten any literal Sonic fangames yet from this request, but rather some notable Sonic-style indie games using new creative assets! This first one here is Bingo the Multiva by Plom510! I'm not exactly sure what a "Multiva" is, but whatever it is, I can't steal it, huh? Danged original characters!

On the note of Sonic-style indie games, may I make any inquieries as to whom may want to see a run of Freedom Planet on the NCFC Livestream? I still got my copy I won at SAGExpo!