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Full Version: Note about booth approvals this year.
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So this is what I forgot to approve from you, huh, Mors? :P

Thanks for letting me know. ^^;

Anyway, everyone else: If you've submitted a booth and it has not been approved yet, please let me know if you are wondering why. In Mors' case it was simply because of a moment of forgetfulness, but there's a few other unapproved booths where I'm waiting for some things, like a finalized booth design or a download, in order to do my approval. If you would rather see the booth approved ASAP, please contact me. Thanks in advance.
I had just submitted a booth. Please approve it :)
what else do you need me to submit for my booth? it hasn't been approved yet, and i'm wondering what i need to add to it
I think I was waiting to see if the demo would pop up early, but alas... ^^;

I'll approve it, no worries.