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Full Version: Belated Sneak Peek
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What was meant to be yesterday's Sneak Peek, but ended up getting caught in a prolonged video editing process.

This is Legena: Union Tides, an indie RPG by King_Tetiro. Don't worry, folks - it's completely original, so it won't leave you wondering "What the hell does any of this have to do with Metroid?"

This sneak peek required a large amount of editing to be trimmed down for a decent timelength, which is why it took so long to put up.

I will say that our Indie game submissions have had substantial growth since last NCFC. At the moment, in fact, it looks bigger than the fangame submissions for certain key franchises that are normally regular entries.... I'm looking at you, Zelda and Metroid fangamers! Remember to submit your booths!