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Full Version: Sneak Peek, now with 100% more kawaii.
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Today's sneak peek has a surprise appearance, in many ways. this is Super UDK Country by toneUDK, and much to my surprise, it's very Japanese, and very Touhou!
It's also a bit silly to watch, I admit. This isn't the most polished Touhou doujin game, but of course this is in early development, so that's to be expected.
Anyway, let's have some fun with this, shall we? A smash-style faux-newcomer graphic like this should go well with the upcoming Smash theme
[Image: lawl.png]

I myself am pleasantly surprised that an entry like this has come up. It would be interesting to see if more like it is coming down the line!
I was up the patch
Thank you the update.☆.exe
YouTube videos
Let me remake in 0.x
If you're requesting that I re-record, I'll work on it. :)
I have changed to SUPER UDK & RU Country from Super UDK Country title
Please re-download the ZIP☆.zip
The revised video has been put up. The older video has been unlisted, although you may ask me if you desire it for debugging purposes.
Also I have been updated
World 2 and World 3 also play Video!☆.zip
I will work on it as soon as soon as I'm done recording some other videos. I apologize for taking so long - things get busier as NCFC draws closer and closer.
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It seems the ver0.2 is not there...?

I'll work on that other video in the meantime.
Cocoa is still Coenraad Johannes van Houten
ver0.2 upload
niconico Video