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Full Version: Date set for NCFC 2015!
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Surprised? I wanted to do this earlier in the summer, but it seems late August is the most requested date.

The date change is in response to critiques and decreasing activity over the previous years. Since this date is being freshly established, I don't expected a dramatic upturn in participation, but it'll hopefully start the trend and get people to expecting summer to be NCFC-time!

Further details are being ironed out, but here's what I got planned:

1) This NCFC is going to have a Satellaview theme to commemorate the Satellaview's 20th Anniversary! Although, don't be surprised if it gets all inked up in a turf war!
2) Contest ideas are not finalized, but as before, expect to be able to choose from titles for Steam! (Current brainstorming ideas: Splatoon tournament. Smash DLC tournament. Face-rubbing simulator contest.)
3) Bluecore has not announced his return yet! YAY! ... Don't jinx it!
Looking forward to it! ;)

I so happen to heard of this event from Soah City and I just had to get in on this. This is bound to be fun.
Good to see someone from Soah City popping on here. ^_^

Hopefully this means we'll be seeing more Sonic entries.
Is there a set date for when booth registration starts?
Not yet... I'm thinking early August at the moment, but I don't have a particular reason other than wanting to get the hypetrain going (and making sure the other staff are ready for it)
Awesome, I can't wait to show off what I have in store for my game this year. It's going to be a completely new demo (not similar to the last 2 version's of Goomba's Quest I had in the last 2 NCFCs).
Okay, going to hope I can show off Mario's Nightmare Quest part 1 this year. It's been in development a while, and just missed out on C3, so a demo released at NCFC could be a good alternative.
I'm actually pretty excited for this. I really, really hope to have my game ready in time.
Just a heads up for anyone playing LoZ New Beginnings, Press L on title screen instead of Enter, it will load the game from a pre-saved file so you don't have to keep starting from the beginning.
Make sure you visit the save owl frequently too.
Sorry about the lack of release for Mario's Nightmare Quest. Demo 1 should be ready in a day or so.