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Full Version: We need trailers... or else this happens.
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It should be taken for granted, I'd presume, that if NCFC Directs are in, that NCFC is taking trailers for your games. However, I... didn't quite get enough last week, so for now I'm working with this.

Enjoy Iwata (and Bill Trinen!) acting a bit unlike themselves.
Not quite sure what I just watched.
I got some of my own ready.

Super Mario Insanity


Dollarluigi's Quest

This is the trailer for "Super Mario: All-Star Attack!"
Since this is a very recent demo, feel free to use it during the announcements! ~

Thanks in return, Kiddo! Smug

A few questions:

-When are trailers due?
-Just how detrimental would it be if one's booth does not have a trailer and/or a playable game? But has other forms of showcase such as pictures, website, animations, etc.
-Just how detrimental would it be if one released a trailer for a booth but had to cancel the booth later due to it being incomplete?
I don't know if I'll have a trailer ready for Goombario's Quest. I am working hard to get the game ready for this year's event.