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Full Version: (Current Format of) NCFC Directs canned
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In light of Satoru Iwata's passing, the current NCFC Direct format will be discontinued.

It was decided after finding a consensus that further Iwata edits for NCFC Direct would be considered distasteful so soon after his passing.

For those submitting trailers - I'll see what I can do about a new format for them. I'm sincerely sorry about all this.

Satoru Iwata, may your soul find a great gameroom up there.
It's so sad to see Iwata go, he was a great leader of Nintendo and has helped the company a lot. For suggestions on showcasing the next trailers, you could do sneak peaks of the games like last NCFC or maybe use Bill Trinen.
Maybe you could use Bill Trinen and/or Reggie Fils-Aime in the next NCFC direct. Then at the end have have a picture of Iwata saying "In Loving Memory of Satoru Iwata" then the years from birth to death, and then his famous quote "Please Understand".

And yes, it's so sad to see Iwata (one of the greatest minds in entertainment and the heart of gaming) go. He was an inspiration to us all! His death has even been effecting me too. It just sucks and it hurts. :(

I think I might plan on doing something special for him to honor what he meant to us. Like a reference to him the new Zelda fangame I'll be showing off this year.

Netherforce Shards is still in the works, just needs more time. In the meantime, I hope people will enjoy my new Zelda fangame that will be revealed very soon. I think you might like this one Kiddo. :)

Please understand. (Yeah, I felt like I had to. I think I'll be saying that more in honor of him.)